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Couple sells home during pandemic to sail the world

The Kelowna couple hopes to be an inspiration to others who may be too scared to chase their dreams.

Selling your home to sail the world is a dream for many that only stays a dream, but for one Kelowna couple, they turned it into reality.

Tamara Lawerence, 43, and Josh Baran 50, sold their home and everything in it this past spring and bought a sailboat in the United States.

The couple was inspired to make the big move during the pandemic.

"We got stuck like everybody else watching videos during COVID on YouTube and whatnot. We purchased our boat in March 2020, we needed something to do, so we thought let's give sailing a try. It is something that we can do in our own little bubble and learn a new trade and fell in love with it," Lawerence said.

The couple says the purchase of the sailboat was one of the most difficult parts of the adventure.

"Our boat was owned by someone from Australia, but it was sitting in the U.S. and we are in Canada... and transfer of funds. We were so scared a couple of times that we just lost all our money and stuff, it was quite the process," Baran said.

The sailboat, named Honu Time, is a 2001 Hunter 460 with three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The couple has spent the last three months refurbishing it in South Carolina and have sailed it 650 miles north to Virginia in Chesapeake Bay.

Currently, the pair are living off of a "very tight budget."

"However, we are both working towards getting our captain's license. This way we will be able to transport other people's boats for them or help them learn how to sail."

Honu Time will stay up in the Chesapeake Bay until November at which point Lawerence and Baran will head to Georgia for Christmas, followed by the Bahamas.

When the couple first decided to take the leap they say friends and family thought they were crazy.

"As they saw our love for it and how much it kind of took over our lives and how easy and comfortable it was for us to be in that thing, they were right behind us, full support and it was nice," Lawerence said.

Baran has two kids who currently live with their mom, but are both excited to join the adventure on the boat one day.

The couple hopes to be an inspiration to others who may be too scared to chase their dreams.

"The best time to start an adventure is, to really try something in your life is now. You put together the budget that you can afford and put together the lifestyle that you want and just make it happen," Baran added.

The couple was also inspired by a quote by author Randy Komisar.

"The most dangerous risk of all - the risk of spending your life not doing what you want on the bet you can buy yourself the freedom to it later."

To follow along on their journey you can visit their Youtube channel, or Instagram page.

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