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McFadzean striving for liberty and prosperity in Canada

The Libertarian party will be on the ballot in the Lakeland riding for the 2015 federal election, with Robert McFadzean stepping forward to be the local candidate.
Libertarian candidate Robert McFadzean.
Libertarian candidate Robert McFadzean.

The Libertarian party will be on the ballot in the Lakeland riding for the 2015 federal election, with Robert McFadzean stepping forward to be the local candidate.

His first run in federal politics, McFadzean's main message for his campaign is minimizing the government, especially when it comes to conducting business.

"My main focus is to put forward the idea that rather than use government to run enterprises, we should turn to free enterprises and free markets," said McFadzean.

The Libertarian nominee spent 23 years teaching economics and financial management in the agriculture department at Lakeland College. A Vermillion resident for over 30 years, McFadzean prides himself on being actively involved in his community through groups like his church, the scouts, the local music festival and the choir.

After being associated with the Libertarian party for a number of years, he decided it was time for people in the Lakeland to have a Libertarian in the ballot.

"The reason I want to run is that for many years now I've been very disappointed in politics in general, so I thought in order to have somebody to vote for I'd have to run myself."

As a Libertarian McFadzean explained that his campaign is not so much about what he can do for the constituency, but about fighting for liberty for everyone in the country.

"What I'm focusing on is encouraging people to change their way of looking at politics. Politics is how we get along with each other and most of us, in our private lives, respect other people's choices and property and I think government should do the same."

Admittedly, McFadzean said he's aware that the Libertarian party isn't likely to gain many seats in the House of Commons.

"I don't think I'd have a lot of power in parliament but I would promote liberty, promote free market, government cutting back on taxation regulation and I would try my best to influence the government in that regard," expressed McFadzean.

This isn't the first time the Libertarian views have really started to take flight. McFadzean said that it goes back to the 1700's with the American war of independence when people decided it was time to break away from the influence of the British monarchy.

"What it brought was a huge increase in peace and prosperity that came from liberty. If people are free, they are free to have capital assets, productive assts, keep those assets and expand them. That's why brings up prosperity."

Since the 1700s, the MP hopeful believes that the government has been continually reeling in those liberties, particularly in the last 50 years. According to McFadzean that has led to increased regulations in the private sector and a loss of freedom in the country.

"I like to compare it to trying to drive with one foot on the gas, which represents the private sector, and one foot on the brake, which is the public sector," said McFadzean. "As the government keeps pushing all this taxation, drawing all these resources out and putting in all of these regulations, it's like driving with the brake on."

The local candidate believes there's still hope to get back to the prosperity of the 18th century. Should the Libertarians come into power in Canada, he said they would be able to turn things around. He cautions, though, that the change must come soon before it's too late.

"I'm confident that if we as a country started thinking about liberty and started winding (the government) back, we could recover again. If we wait too long, it'll be too late; the only way to deal with it would be an outright revolution," said McFadzean.

He added, "That's what our Libertarian party is pushing for right now...if you don't fight for freedom you lose it."

Being a newcomer to the federal political race, McFadzean hasn't started campaigning yet. For the next couple of weeks he plans on preparing material and mapping out his travels across the Lakeland riding.

"I intend to get around to the various communities in the constituency and talk to people and hopefully we'll find some common ground and they'll consider me as someone who could represent them."

Not being a mainstream party, to ensure the Libertarian views are understood McFadzean is hoping to arrange some forums to clarify to residents what the party is all about.

"I'm hoping that I can arrange some meetings where we can invited people to come and learn what the Liberation philosophy is because I don't think most people have heard about it or understood it."

McFadzean stresses that he is not like he opponents, those that meet him will realize he's not the typical politician.

"I always tell people I'm not a sharp cookie, I'm not quick, I'm not charismatic, I'm not a smooth talker. I'm just an ordinary Joe out there that thinks we need to change the way we run our governments and I'm going to tell people what I think."

McFadzean is one of three candidates vying for the spot of MP of the Lakeland riding. In the Oct. 19 election he is running against Conservative Shannon Stubbs, Liberal Garry Parenteau and NDP Duane Zaraska.