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Métis beadwork: Exploring decolonization through art

Eagles represent vision, wisdom, and strength to the Métis. Find out more about the cultural significance of art to the "Flower Beadwork People."

Jacque Bellerose is a Métis beadwork artist who uses Indigenous spiritual teachings to inform their artistic expression. 

They include a spirit bead in many of their pieces; this is a single bead which is out of place and symbolizes the beauty of imperfection. According to Bellerose, the bead is used to humble us, "the Creator's never made a perfect flower. So why should we try?"

Bellerose uses their channel to educate their followers about the history of the Métis Nation, an ethnogenesis of Euro-Canadian men, who travelled to Canada for the fur trade, and First Nations women. 

They say beadwork has not only helped them feel closer to their Métis identity but helped to improve their health and mindfulness. 

To view more of Bellerose's designs, follow them on Instagram and TikTok



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