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Nominating noteworthy women of the Lakeland

Women of Cold Lake are being celebrated for their endless contributions to the community they live in and serve. Nominations are open until Jan.

Women of Cold Lake are being celebrated for their endless contributions to the community they live in and serve.

Nominations are open until Jan. 19 for the annual Women of Influence (WOI) Awards, and this year there are even more categories to choose from.

“This year, we added three categories. This is based on feedback and just to make sure we are being as inclusive and encompassing as we can possibly be for the diverse individuals in the Cold Lake and Lakeland community,” explained Kayla Vick, administrator for the WOI committee.

The categories range from arts and culture, business and professional, to community and volunteerism, health and wellness, or the overall woman of influence.

Added to the lineup this year are the science and technology, younger woman (age 19 and under), and older woman (65 and older) categories.

An award is presented to one woman in each category. What makes them stand out is their unwavering achievements and contributions to the Cold Lake area.

“The event seeks to acknowledge women from our local community who use their individual strengths and abilities to further themselves, their families, organizations, and the community as a whole,” explained Vick. “We recognize the multitude of ways in which women contribute to make Cold Lake and the Lakeland the successful and flourishing community that it is.”

Nominations can be submitted online through the organization's website.

In order to be eligible, a nominee must be connected to the Cold Lake area in some way, whether it's through volunteerism, work, or residence.

“Anyone can submit, and you can submit more than one,” Vick noted.

The event, which is taking place on March 9 at the Cold Lake Agriplex, celebrates National Women's Day, and has been recognizing local women for six years.

“This is an uplifting and lighthearted evening of celebration,” Vick said.

The night highlights local women not only through the award presentations. Every aspect of the event is organized, catered, and documented by women of the Lakeland, right down to the keynote speaker, Bonnie McFarlane.

“Something that is really cool about the event that someone might not notice, is there are so many different areas to draw inspiration from for women. Our catering, the photography, even the awards given are created by local artists,” Vick said. “The entire event is run by women, which is pretty exciting.”

In a community surrounded by male-dominated industry, Vick expressed the importance of putting women in the spotlight.

“This event brings recognition to women who may be in a role that has been historically male-dominated. It supports breaking down societal barriers that exist and recognizes that women in our community can do anything,” she continued.

Through the awards, Vick believes the WOI committee is motivating women to “strive for themselves and their community as a whole.”

By adding the younger and older categories to the mix, the committee is hoping to promote this pattern across all generations.

“You can find a role model at any stage of your life, that's really what it's all about,” Vick concluded.

For more information, or to make a nomination, visit