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Ross & Sylvestre LLP Chartered Professional Accountants

Ross & Sylvestre LLP Chartered Professional Accountants: Providing accounting, tax, and advisory expertise since 1979.

Finding the right accounting firm for your business is one of the most profitable business decisions you will ever make. Business owners need advisors that they can rely on. At Ross & Sylvestre, we’ll help you highlight your opportunities and manage your risks. Mostly, we’ll work together with you toward the shared objective of your success.

For almost 40 years, Ross & Sylvestre LLP has been providing both businesses and individual clients with sound and reliable accounting and tax advice.

Alberta Tax Services


Ross & Sylvestre LLP has the largest accounting team in the Bonnyville and Cold Lake areas and a significant presence in Edmonton. We employ highly qualified Chartered Professional Accountants to perform accounting and financial oversight services for individuals and corporations.


Risk management is the practice of implementing wealth preservation strategies that reduce a client’s exposure to operational, legal or market risk—akin to the adage “don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” Strategies to manage your risk range from operational safety practices to investment diversification, to review of insurance coverage, and often to the creation of corporate structures which separate investment activities from active business activities.


When trying to obtain business financing, whether through equity or debt, our expert staff can advise on the proper mixture and terms to ensure your business is successful. Ross & Sylvestre has established and respected contacts within the banking, venture capital and secondary financing communities that will help you grow your business.


Significant tax benefits are available to taxpayers who conduct eligible research and development activities; you may qualify to receive the R&D Tax Credit. Through the careful planning, preparation, documentation and filing of the required information, clients can receive significant, unanticipated tax refunds and benefits.


It can be hard to find good bookkeeping services. At Ross & Sylvestre, we have a team of highly capable technicians to address your bookkeeping needs. Whether that means assisting your in-house staff with the more nuanced aspects of accounting, or keeping your books updated and organized for you, let Ross & Sylvestre be your one-stop shop for your bookkeeping, accounting, and advisory needs.


At Ross & Sylvestre, we can help you preserve the value that you created in your business through our range of succession planning services. Like many entrepreneurs, you’ve worked hard your entire life. Stepping away from your business is not an easy decision to make, but now you’re ready to move on to the next phase of your life and enjoy the fruits of your labour.  


Our assurance services (auditing and audits) provide reliable, relevant, and impartial financial information. Broadening regulatory demands and increasing scrutiny by stakeholders may require you to retain independent advice about the financial performance of your corporation. Ross & Sylvestre performs meaningful assurance work that can assist you, or interested third parties, in making sound financial decisions.

Whether you need tax advice, starting a business, or maybe even planning for retirement, we will ensure you get the professional guidance you are seeking. Our team of dedicated professionals will work with you, acting as a core part of your team. We’ll help you fulfill your accounting and tax preparation obligations, while focusing on your short- and long-term financial goals. Don’t wait. Contact us today!