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Who is the Alberta Securities Commission?

The Alberta Securities Commission protects Albertans by enforcing securities legislation. They are responsible for educating investors and protecting them from fraudulent practices.
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When you want to invest your hard-earned money, there are lots of people who are ready to take advantage of you. In order to protect its citizens, the province of Alberta has the Alberta Securities Commission. The goal of this company is to protect investors from investment scams. They are responsible for administering and enforcing securities legislation. They have compiled a list of all registered securities firms, so you know that you are dealing with a reputable company.

Who is the Alberta Securities Commission?

The Alberta Securities Commission (ASC) is underneath the umbrella of the Canada Securities Administrators. This branch deals with investors in the province of Alberta. They are a regulatory agency responsible for administering the province's securities laws. The ASC ensures that anyone who sells securities is registered and follows laws and standards laid out by the agency.


The mission of the ASC is to foster a fair capital market in Alberta. Their vision is to be a practical, intelligent regulator. They want to protect investors from improper, misleading or fraudulent practices while allowing the capital market to thrive. A three-pillar strategy includes intelligent regulation, proactive and comprehensive action, and fostering a culture of engagement. A few values that guide the ASC include teamwork, quality results and continuous improvement.

What Does the ASC do?

The ASC is responsible for administering and enforcing the province's securities legislation. They help protect and educate citizens about investing by offering full disclosure. The ASC handles complaints and reports from investors that believe their investment firm has breached securities law. However, the ASC cannot get money back for investors who have experienced financial loss due to misuse of information. Instead, the investor must file in court. The ASC has the authority to issue cease trade orders. This prevents a company from selling securities either permanently or temporarily.

How Can They Help Regular Albertans?

The ASC helps Albertans by educating them about securities laws and legislation. They have an online database for all registered securities firms. Before you invest, you can search current information about companies such as disclosure filings, exempt finances and insider trading reports. An investor can see if a securities firm has anything filed against them, such as a cease trade order. This information is available to help investors keep up to date in this fluctuating market.

If an investor has a complaint about a securities firm they have been dealing with, they can file directly with the ASC. In response, the ASC will act accordingly as their goal is to protect and enforce securities law. Complaints, reports and questions can be filed directly on the website.

The Alberta Securities Commission educates investors and those interested in investing on securities legislation. They offer full disclosure on securities firms and enforce action on those who don't follow mandates. Their mission is to foster fair capital market in Alberta by protecting citizens from fraudulent, improper or misleading practices.

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