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Gutters and Gutter Guards: What are the Latest Options Available?

Gutters keep water out of the home and provide proper drainage, but they require regular observation and maintenance so they don’t become clogged. When the drains become clogged, rainwater can enter the home and cause damage to the foundations.

Gutter guards stop leaves and other debris from entering the gutters and clogging the drains. With gutter guards, the drains still need to be cleaned but it is an easier chore and does not need to be done as often.

Why Clean the Gutters?

Over time, leaves and twigs and other debris build up and clogs the gutters and downspouts, causing sections to leak or get filled and heavy and separate from the house. When the gutters don’t work properly, the roof and the foundation become damaged. When rainwater does not flow properly through the gutter drainage system, it collects under the roof, damages shingles, and it can also leak into the home causing further issues. If they are not cleaned before the winter, the trapped water freezes and the damage becomes worse. Regular checks and gutter maintenance are very important. Even with gutter guards, check the gutters twice a year and after every heavy rain shower.

What Should You Know About Gutter Guards?

There are different types of gutter guards. When choosing gutter guards, consider the materials they are made from, the size and visibility. Other things to think about are the cost and how long they will last. Some are more permanent while others are more of a temporary solution. Be careful that installing the gutter guards will not harm the existing warranty on the roof.  Before buying gutter guards, measure your gutters to be sure the guards will fit properly.

What Are Gutter Guards Made of?

Gutter guards are made from foam, plastic, aluminum, steel, or copper. Learn more about the differences and which is the best type for your gutter through the latest reviews.

How Well Do Gutter Guards Work?

Each type has its pros and cons. Gutter guards do work, but they are not foolproof. Gutters can get clogged by more than just leaves, and clogs build and grow. Don’t assume that having the gutter guard means that maintenance is no longer needed.

Professional or DIY

Having the gutters and the gutter guards professionally installed will ensure that your roof’s warranty is not in any danger, and it keeps the homeowner from having to get on a ladder and go to the roof. However, many gutter guards are designed to be easy to install for the DIY homeowner.

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