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District badminton winners — gold, silver bronze

More than 440 young athletes from Grades 5-9 in Lakeland area schools competed for medals at Saturday's District Badminton event at Lac La Biche's Bold Center filedhouses.

LAC LA BICHE - More than 440 young athletes from Grades 5-9 in Lakeland area schools competed for medals at Saturday's District Badminton event at Lac La Biche's Bold Center field houses.

A total of 16 schools from Lac La Biche and Plamondon to Cold Lake were represented from across the region.

The day-long event saw almost 500 matches played on the courts of the Bold Center, the home hardwood of J. A. Williams High School. The Districts event was co-hosted by the JAWS and Aurora Middle School athletics teams.

When the dust had settled, Bonnyville's H.E. Bourgoin and Lac La Biche's Aurora Middle School shared the top golden spot on the medal podium, with each school winning five gold medals each out of the 25 divisions.

Assumption Junior - Senior High School came away with three gold medal finishes, all in the senior category winning the mixed doubles, girls' doubles and girls single events.

The Art Smith Academy from Cold Lake also saw three gold medal winners at the top of the podium. Iron River School had two golden results, both in the junior division, with wins in the boys and girls doubles events.

Rounding out the gold medal finishes, École Plamondon won top spot in the Intermediate boys singles, Nelson Heights, Cold Lake High School, St. Dominiques and Ardmore schools all came away with one gold medal each. Lac La Biche's Light of Christ Catholic School had a golden result from junior boys single player Silas Weening, and the host team J. A. Williams took gold in the senior boys event with a gold medal going to Harvee.

The District competition marks the end of the Grade 5-9 badminton season. Zone and provincial streams begin at the Grade 10 level.

Aurora Middle School athletics director Wayne Mah was pleased with the day's outcome. He said a huge team of staff and volunteers helped to host the day-long wrap-up to the badminton season. Mah, who retires at the end of this year after almost 30 years as a teacher, said it was a huge, team effort.

"A big and huge thank you to all of our great 2022 LSAA Badminton District volunteers for all of their hard  work, dedication, and commitment. It could have not happened without each and everyone of them," he said, explaining that the ultimate goal was to create a fun event for the young athletes. "It was really great to see all the smiling faces and huge privilege to host this event in our great community."

Final Medal Count 2022 LSAA District Badminton


girl single- G- Kylie @HEB,  S- Izabella @AMS, B- Isabella@AMS

boy single- G Kohen@AMS, S-Joshua@ AMS, B Kael@LOC

girls double -G - Harper/ Samantha@DR. B,  S-  Maia/ Amira@Dr.B,    Bronze -Darci/Chelsea@IR

boys double-G- Jacob/Paxton@Art Smith,   S. Galvin/Dixon@ Dr. B     Bronze- Corbin/Rhs@AMS

mixed- G-Camden/Hayden@Art S, Silver-Ewan/Yahvi@HC,  B- Cooper/Trinity@HEB



girl single- G-Addison@HEB, S-Sacchi@HHS,  B -Calisa@St. Dom 

boy single-G-Jessie@NHS,  S-Max@HEB, B-Lian@EV

girls double-G-Sydney/Rachelle, S-Mya/CeeJay@HEB, B-Talyer/Aliyiah@Dr.B

boys double-G- Austin/Reid@St. Dom, S-Mason/jayden@HC,  B -Evan/Bralen@NHS

mixed - G -Drew/Olivia@HEB, S-Neha/Maxx@LOC,  B-Hannah/Ian@DR.B



girl single- G -Autumn@Ard, S-Neddie@Dr. B,- Bronze- Grace@EPS

boy single- G-Silas@LOC, S-Ilijah@Dr.B,  B-Kenneth@EV

girls double- G--Kurtney/Maddi,@IR,   S- Kaleria/Iroya,@EPS,   B- Maddy/Danica@AMS

boys double-G -Jackson/Dane@IR, S-Brody/Owen@HEB, B- Korbin/Jordan@AJHS

mixed- G-Andy Lee/Lincoln@AMS  S-Ala/ Jayden@DR.B,  Bronze- Lucas/Akaiisha@NHS



girl single- G Kailey@HEB,   S- Lauren@HEB,  B-Tiana@CLMS

boy single - G -Andrew@EPS,  S- Aden@LOC,  B- Gautam@AMS

girls double- G- Fionah/Jorja@AMS,  S -Lamis/Ryann@Dr.B,   Bronze- Haley/Brooke@CLMS

boys double-G-Cooper/Gage@AMS,  S-Kyle/Aiden@Dr.B,    Bronze- Uriah/Corbin@AJSH

Mixed- G- Marley/Daniel@AMS,  S Skyler/Owen@Dr.B,     Bronze- Kristen/Rock@Dr.B



girl single- G-Hayden@AJHS,   S- Isabella@EBL,    B-Alice@EV

boy single G-Harvee@Jaws, S- Carter@NDHS,  B-Michael@CLMS

girls double  G- Jetta/Hayden@AJSH, S-Danielle/Brielle@CLHS.   B-Ainsley/Rilynn@AJSH

boys double- G- Galvin/ISSac@CLHS,   S - Jonah/Darius@CLHS,  B-Keanan/ Callum@JAWS

mixed- G Zackary/ Cleofe@AJSH        S. Kien/Izzy@ CLMS,    B Justin/Sophia@NDHS

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