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Elk Point Oil Barons start off pond hockey season with a tie and win

The pond hockey has started for teams in the Lakeland, including the Elk Point Oil Barons.
Elk Point Oil Barons goalie Matthew Rybchinsky wards off another shot on net.

ELK POINT - Nov. 27 saw the start of the 2022-23 Pond Hockey season for the Elk Point Oil Barons. With double the registration this year, the team has grown, welcoming a lot of new faces, and some returning ones.

A double header in Vermilion brought out most all the of the players with the first game being against half of Vermilion’s team, Ava Goulet scoring the first goal to start the Barons off. When Ava was asked by coach Colton McLean before the game if she was going to “score a goal today” her response was “yes!”

Ava went on to score another goal in that same game. The first period saw Frank Killiam scoring his first and following up with another goal in the second period. Finishing up, Ayden Vipond came out of the box scoring the tying goal for a 5-5 tie between Vermilion 1 and the Barons. 

In the second game Ayden Vipond started the scoring off right by landing a straight in the net goal, he followed up in the game with three more goals, playing with a broken hand, which he got while wrapping up his football season with the St. Paul Bengals. Goals followed by captain Ty Pavoll, Logan Swedgan and Frank Killiam.

Going into the last period with an impressive score of 8-4 with 13:11 left in the final, Brendan Scott brought home the last and final goal, sending the Barons soaring to a win of 9-4 over Vermilion Two. Goalie Matthew Rybchinsky, playing both games and fighting hard to keep them afloat, made some impressive saves, and with the help of his defensive lines managed to help win the opening double header.  

Next, the Elk Point pond hockey team is scheduled to head to St. Paul, where there is also a pond hockey program running this season, for a Dec. 4 match-up at 6 p.m.