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Junior high athletes hit the track for SPAA competition

ST. PAUL - École Racette School claimed this year's junior high St. Paul Athletics Association (SPAA) banner in convincing fashion on June 7, in St. Paul.

The school's combined team score was 1,878, with Glen Avon School finishing in a competitive second place with 1,437.5 points. FG Miller Sr/Jr High School from Elk Point also managed to collect over 1,000 points for a combined team score of 1,088 and third place overall.

From hurdles to shot put, relay races and high jump, the day included strong performances from athletes across the SPAA region.

First place results include:

C Girls

80 Meter Hurdles - Maya Swiegocka, Racette

100 Meter Dash - Makenna Zarowny, Racette

200 Meter Dash - Makenna Zarowny, Racette

400 Meter Dash - Makenna Zarowny, Racette

800 Meter Run - Paige Bohn, Racette

1,500 Meter Run - Paige Bohn, Racette

Long Jump - Xaraya Rajoo, Two Hills

Triple Jump - Elena Maratin, Racette

High Jump - Kennedy Pierce, FG Miller

Discus Throw - Kali Janz, Glendon

Shot Put - Kali Janz, Glendon

Javelin Throw - Hailey Axley, Two Hills

B Girls

80 Meter Hurdles - Caitlin Clyke, New Myrnam School

100 Meter Dash - Angelina Guenter, Glen Avon

200 Meter Dash - Alayna Riske, Glen Avon

400 Meter Dash - Gracie Ganser, Glendon

800 Meter Run - Adasyn Havener, FG Miller

1,500 Meter Run - Adasyn Havener, FG Miller

Long Jump - Angelina Guenter, Glen Avon

Triple Jump - Kayley Gerlinsky, Racette

High Jump - Lauren McLellan, Glen Avon

Discus Throw - Ella Kitz, Two Hills

Shot Put - Ava Wilson, Glen Avon

Javelin Throw - Kayley Gerlinsky, Racette

A Girls

80 Meter Hurdles - Lhian Castillo, Racette

100 Meter Dash - Cloey Germain, FG Miller

200 Meter Dash - Logyn Bussey, Glendon

400 Meter Dash - Peyton Skolarchuk, FG Miller

800 Meter Run - Chloe Jean, Racette

1,500 Meter Run - Ella Boucher, Racette

Long Jump - Mady Luciak, Glendon

Triple Jump - Janyka Evans-Anderson, FG Miller

High Jump - Mady Luciak, Glendon

Discus Throw - Cloey Germain, FG Miller

Shot Put - Miranda Mandryk, Two Hills

Javelin Throw - Katelynn Jacula, Mallaig

C Boys

80 Meter Hurdles - Braylee Lesyk, FG Miller

100 Meter Dash - Patrick Sesay, Racette

200 Meter Dash - Joseph Pilipchuk, Racette

400 Meter Dash - Joseph Pilipchuk, Racette

800 Meter Run - Madden Flamand, FG Miller

1,500 Meter Run - Madden Flamand, FG Miller

Long Jump - Patrick Sesay, Racette

Triple Jump - Braxton Martin, Mallaig

High Jump - Braxton Martin, Mallaig

Discus Throw - Noah Stark, Racette

Shot Put - Joshua Hunter, Ashmont

Javelin Throw - Evett Smereka, FG Miller

B Boys

80 Meter Hurdles - Aaron Sachko, Mallaig

100 Meter Dash - Reed Cherniwchan, Glen Avon 

200 Meter Dash - Owen Robinson, Mallaig

400 Meter Dash - Matthew Yakiwchuk, Racette

800 Meter Run - Ethan Loughran, Racette

1,500 Meter Run - Ethan Loughran, Racette

Long Jump - Owen Robinson, Mallaig

Triple Jump - Ethan Loughran, Racette

High Jump - Reed Cherniwchan, Glen Avon

Discus Throw - Kaysen Young, Racette

Shot Put - Kayden Young, Racette

Javelin Throw - Ryan Balmer, Racette

A Boys

80 Meter Hurdles - Gunner Crawford, FG Miller

100 Meter Dash - Mikhylo Oszust, Glendon

200 Meter Dash - Heaton Houle, Ashmont

400 Meter Dash - Heaton Houle, Ashmont

800 Meter Run - Lukas Myshaniuk, New Myrnam

1,500 Meter Run - Gavin Kadutski, FG Miller

Long Jump - Lane Martin, Mallaig

Triple Jump - Lane Martin, Mallaig

High Jump - Paul Saskiw, Two Hills

Discus Throw - Paul Saskiw, Two Hills

Shot Put - Carsyn Milot, Two Hills

Javelin Throw - Carsyn Milot, Two Hills


C girls, 4x100 - Racette - Makenna Zarowny, Maya Swiegocka, Tori Paradis, Arielle Billo

B girls, 4x100 - Glen Avon - Angelina Guenter, Alayna Riske, Ava Wilson and Savana Kostrub

A girls, 4x100 - FG Miller - Ella Ballas, Cloey Germain, Spencer Malachowski, Peyton Skolarchuk

C boys 4x100 - Racette - Cohen Roche, Linken Mahe, William Lafrance

B boys 4x100 - Glen Avon - Michael Elliot, Reed Cherniwchan, Sam Atwal, Matthew Mistol

A boys 4x100 - Glen Avon - Chris Feland, Owen Fontaine, Mikhylo Oszust, Odin Haiden

Girls open 4x400 relay - FG Miller - Janyka Evans-Anderson, Kayl Warawa, Adasyn Havener, Spencer Malachowski

Boys open 4x400 relay - FG Miller - Brendon Haesch, Gavin Kadutski, Madden Flamand, Tarek Holliday


Boys Para 100 Meter Dash open - Eric Davie, Racette

Girls Para 100 Meter Dash open - Sophia Casera, Racette

Boys Para 200 Meter Dash open - Patrick Senior, Ashmont

Boys Para Shot Put Open - Patrick Senior, Ashmont

Girls Para Shot Put Open - Sophie Casera, Racette

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