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Lac La Biche Golf Club names champions and shows appreciation

The Lac La Biche Golf Club held its annual Club Championship tournament on Aug. 20 and 21.

LAC LA BICHE - The Lac La Biche Golf Club’s annual Club Championship and Member Appreciation weekend was in full swing on Aug. 20 and 21. The competition dedicated to gathering the club’s members and guests to celebrate the golfing season saw over 50 participants during the two-day event. 

“It was a great weekend. We had about 59 participants,” said Lance Palamaruk, the club’s manager. The golf club has been hosting the appreciation tournament annually for decades. The event is a way to thank the avid golfers in the community, but also keeps the competition rolling, he said 

This year, $5,000 in golf credits were divided between the golfers and the top four winners, said Palamaruk. Additionally, the top four winners, which included a senior men’s division, men’s division, ladies’ division and junior’s division, received their names on a plaque to be added to the list of the club’s annual champions winners. 

Club member and ladies’ winner Marianne Polzin says winning the competition was a lot of fun and a “surprise,” considering she hasn’t spent as much time playing golf this season.  

“I have always been involved and gone to the tournaments, but of all the years to win it this year I was surprised. This year has been quiet for me, but it's an activity I really enjoy,” said Polzin.  

Winning in the other categories was Sammy Abougoush in the senior men’s category, Jamie Schel in the men’s category, and junior winner Harvee Valente. 

The two-day tournament teed off at 10 a.m. on Aug. 20.

The season has had many events and opportunities to get the community golfing. 

“This tournament was the Club Championship, the weekend before that was the Ladies’ Open. So they were back-to-back and both went really well,” says Polzin. 

With a busy weekend of other community events going on in the County, this year's roster of golfers wasn’t as high, but the competition was still just as fierce, and the golf season has been well attended, Palamaruk says. 

“The season has been good and the last three years we’ve remained steady.”