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Kathy Gaigneur Duncan

It is with much regret and sadness that we said farewell to this special loving wife and mother of ours.

After an incredible valiant fight against cancer; Kathy passed away peacefully on October 4, 2020.

Kathy was born July 10, 1958 in Edmonton, Alberta. (A beautiful little brunette) Kathy’s maternal grand-parents lived on Ferguson Road in the County of Athabasca. Kathy’s mother, Mary, trained as a nurse in Edmonton then worked Edmonton and Cold Lake, where she met Edward Gaigneur, an army man from Prince Edward Island. As a young family, Kathy and her 3 brothers: James, David and Mark, lived all over Canada; as their parents were transferred. After retirement from Cold Lake AB. Mary decided to purchase a nice piece of land in the Noral area for her and family.

Upon completing her high school education, Kathy decided to further her studies choosing a career in Education at the University of Alberta. Her first teaching job was at the Boyle school. Having been exposed to the world of travelling, Kathy decided to choose the adventurous side of life. Kathy travelled extensively: to Australia, the Far East, the Middle East and Africa. Kathleen met Callum in Johannesburg, South Africa when she joined an expedition that he was operating for visitors who desired to explore beautiful Africa and the Middle East. They spent over 10 years based in the United Kingdom; while working all over the world with Adventure Travel for Exodus Expeditions.

  1. and Kathy decided to marry and travelled back to Canada. In 1993 they purchased a picturesque piece of land in Noral AB. After settling down they started a family. Kathy and Callum had a baby girl named Kirsty who sadly died at birth. Then along came the boys: Callum JR. and Grant. They are both living in the area, close to their parents.
  1. went back to teaching and Callum worked on the farm and away from home for extra income. Kathy taught in different schools before being hired at Ecole Plamondon School and then at Ecole Beaséjour, also in Plamondon. Kathy was a very dedicated teacher and loved her work and cared for her students. While still teaching Kathy started to experience pain in her right ear. This was in 2008, in 2009 a doctor chose not to operate the tumour on her parotid gland as she thought it wasn’t cancerous…..Finally in 2013, after being on heavy medication and in constant acute pain…..a neurologist wrote a letter to the ENT specialist stating his findings!!!!! Then they took Kathy’s case seriously, and decided to perform a surgery that lasted 17 hours! Kathy battled this disease hard and furious, under many treatments and surgeries! She had courage, determination and a will to live. She had to quit teaching…..a job she so loved. She spent hours doing research and qualified for an experimental trial treatment program in Toronto. All this stress also took a toll on them. Through it all though, they managed to travel across Canada; taking the time to enjoy life and the beauty of Canada.

Kathy, not wanting to be hospitalized spent the last year in her home; under the care of her beloved family. Often looking out the picture window overlooking a lake and a restful landscape.

Be at peace dear Kathy.