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Don't let the calendar call the shots

MacEachern Mindset

Every year, I always get asked the same question: what’s your new year’s resolution? And every year I give the same answer: I don’t have one. 

Now before you get on my case about how it’s healthy to set goals, let me explain. 

It’s not that I don’t believe in creating a list of things you intend to do, I just don’t think there should be a time stamp on it. 

As a journalist, I am quite aware that setting deadlines is key to getting the job done. However, I don’t necessarily agree with the concept of waiting until a new year to start eating healthy, getting in shape, or kicking off a new hobby. 

Why wait for the clock to strike midnight?

For our avid readers, this opinion isn’t new. 

You’ve probably heard time and time again, particularly from me because I feel very strongly about this, that there is no time like the present to start new and healthy habits. 

I find creating a new year’s resolution with the mindset of “new year, new me” just sets yourself up for disappointment when you don’t follow through. 

Studies have shown that thousands of goal setters eager to start the new year off right begin to lose steam within three months. 

I’m not discouraging anyone from considering creating a resolution, in fact, I encourage it. I just wish it didn’t always revolve around new years.

Without fail, we constantly hear people say over the Christmas holidays that “come midnight Dec. 31, I’m going to do (insert resolution here).”

I have always asked myself, and sometimes said person, “why not get started now?”

I know the holidays can be a tough time to kick start a new routine, but why put it off a few weeks when you could easily get a jump start on all of those other folks considering the same goal?

Yes, I have hopes, dreams, and goals. They’re just not based on the calendar year. 

I will take the time to look back on 2019 and think of what’s to come, considering there are some big changes on the horizon, but don’t think for a second that come Jan. 1, 2020 my life as I know it will change. In fact, I hope it keeps its course, because from what I can see, this year has some big plans for me, whether I set resolutions or not.