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Get ready for summer - now

Summer officially arrives this week - and the daylight hours get shorter

Summer is almost here, though one might be hard-pressed to believe that with all the rain and cool temperatures northern Alberta has been experiencing in recent weeks. On that note, we’d best not complain too much, as wildfires could be ravaging the heavily forested landscape instead.  

As Canadians, like people who live in northern climes such as Sweden, Finland, and Russia, we truly relish and strive to get the most out of our gorgeous and surprisingly warm though all-too-short summers.  

I can’t think of one person in this country whom I know personally who isn’t overjoyed to replace heavy clothes that have been worn for months on end with lighter attire, either for walking around outside in, or going to the beach. It’s that feeling of coming alive after a long period of hibernation, which many of us do during long spells of winter.  

Over the near two decades that I have worked with mostly small-town newspapers, one of the most enjoyable aspects of the job has involved going to numerous community events that are held outside during our short summers. These range from family activities at local parks to major festivals and everything in between.  

Walking around taking photographs and reporting on events is always a good time, but one that is even more enjoyable when I can do so in warm, sunny weather.  

The summer months are also an opportunity for Canadians to get a healthy dose of Vitamin D, which many are deficient in due to the country’s climate, particularly with those terribly short days of early winter coupled with a lack of sunlight.  

Yes, each year, it seems as though we’re only beginning to enjoy those long days of summer boating, swimming, playing baseball and a raft of other fun activities when the first hints of autumn begin to show themselves, reminding us that winter won’t be long to follow. Therefore, we are wise to make every moment of this season count.  

Chris McGarry

About the Author: Chris McGarry

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