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Giving back helps drive a community forward

Participating in your community and donating your time is a valuable way to help shape a better environment for everyone, and Lac La Biche residents are doing just that.

Participating in your community and donating your time is a valuable way to help shape a better environment for everyone. Over the last several months, I’ve noticed how much time and energy citizens in Lac La Biche put forward at community events, through volunteering at various organizations or creating programs and fundraising.  

Through and through, it adds quality to everyone's life and seems to really make a difference for all the people that get to participate and enjoy themselves, young and old. I think watching and reporting on those moments have been particularly priceless for me. 

It has made me eager to find a way to give back to an area where I can contribute. This summer, I joined the volunteer team at the Lac La Biche Regional Humane Society, and it’s been a wonderful experience working with not only the staff but all the animals in need of social time and love. With so many cats and dogs coming in-and-out of the shelter with varying needs, requiring social activities and comfort, it shows just how necessary volunteering is at the shelter.  

However, there is a great need in Lac La Biche — as there is with many organizations —for more volunteers, and I think anyone who has the free time to participate can be sure to learn and build relationships along the way. Also, one of the fortunate repercussions of giving back is meeting like-minded people and being part of something bigger than yourself.  

Last week, I was able to volunteer at the local humane society at their dunk tank fundraiser held during Lac La Biche County’s Community Appreciation Event. While the community not only supported the game that saw a handful of firefighters, RCMP and peace officers donate their time to sit on the planks, it was an eye-opening experience.   

With hundreds of dollars raised to help build more services and support for all the cats and dogs without homes, it was an opportunity to also connect and see the joy on all the faces that played the game. 

Families and community members of all ages laughed and participated as the protective members plunged into the tanks. Everyone was a good sport about it too.  

Almost one year into being part of the Lac La Biche community, I’ve become familiar with the many faces driving this community forward and creating an impact, bringing joy to others. Ultimately, I think for anyone looking to become part of something, or connect with a community as a new resident, the best way to do so is by volunteering.