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Goldilocks is the weather person

Weather warnings in place for Lakeland... at least it's not for flooding

After weeks of complaining — and rightly so as heavy and constant rains have flooded basements, backyards and entire communities — we are finally free of the drizzle. Put on your happy face, go outside and .... O. M. G. 

It's hot.

It's too hot.

Now we have another weather warning. It's too hot.

After weeks that brought on states of local emergencies, agricultural disaster proclamations and emergency disaster relief due to flooding — now we have the bake.

Isn't there a happy medium we could have lived with for a few weeks?  Or did we go through that phase in a four hour window sometime between the last rain storm on Saturday night and the cloudless blue sky first thing Sunday.

It's like the story about the bears and their porridge ... except that we haven't got it "just right" quite yet.

This latest weather condition for the Lakeland area is forecast to last for at least another two days. Maybe at the end of it we'll get some livable conditions to do some farming or yard work, socializing or camping.  But until then, like Goldilocks had to do ... I guess we just have to 'bear' with it for a while longer.