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Letter: Supporting local doctors


Dear Editor:

I strongly support Dr. Richard Birkill and his colleagues in their struggle for fair compensation for their valuable work. The Government has breached its contract with the AMA and with the doctors of Alberta. The Government has created a dangerous situation for the health of Albertans. It seems to have forgotten that the world is struggling with the pandemic. It seems to have forgotten that a doctor stands between the life and death of a patient.

When the Government nationalized the healthcare system by creating provide the payer health care, it took on a sacred trust — to provide the people with the medical care. Now, that trust has bene betrayed. Now a sick Albertan in need of medical care will find the doors to the hospital are locked.

I urge the government not to gamble with the health of Albertans. Support or doctors.

John W. Kozina & Zina Kozina

Lac La Biche, AB

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