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OPINION: More than a chip needed to be tracked

The Henry Hype

One of the conspiracy theories or arguments - and I use that word very lightly - that has been circulating when it comes to the COVID-19 vaccine is that there’s a chip in it that the government will use to track you.   

Every time I read anything relating to this, I roll my eyes and try to ignore it.   

My feelings about this subject mainly relate to the fact that people think the general public being tracked is a new concept.   

Please, come on this journey with me because I feel I might be losing some readers.   

From the day you are born, there’s a record of your birth, which includes your weight, length, eye and hair colour, finger and footprint. From that moment on, your health records are kept and stored by any doctor that you come into contact with. Whether or not you’re up to date on your immunizations is shared with your school and that could determine if you can attend after a certain point.  

Your entire education and work history are given to the government, which is updated every year when you file your taxes.   

Own a car? The government knows what it is, down to the make and model. Did you buy a house in your lifetime? The government also knows this.  

The kicker for me is a lot of people complain through technology, which is 100 per cent tracked. Are you using your phone to complain about the ‘sheeple’ are falling into line to get the COVID-19 vaccine? Did you ask your Google Home or Alexa what the weather was going to be today? Have you done literally anything online on any type of device? Somebody knows where you are.  

One question I have for people concerned about a chip telling somebody where you are is: what makes you so important? Also, what information is this chip going to transmit that isn’t already available to whoever you think is tracking you?  

If you choose not to get the COVID-19 vaccine, that’s completely within your right. If you don’t get it because there isn’t enough information available just yet or you just want to wait, I completely understand. Like the virus itself, we don’t know the long-term impacts it could have on us and some people are even being told not to take them if they have underlying medical conditions, or for other reasons.  

But, if you base your refusal to get the vaccine on something that has no evidence or, in my opinion, base then I can’t really take you seriously.   

Robynne Henry, Bonnyville Nouvelle