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What do you have to say for yourself?

Readers react to Alberta government's over-reaching "super powers"

This editorial spot is the part of the paper where our newsrooms offer their perspective on the many sides of the objectively written articles in the rest of the pages and the world around us.  Each week, this space is used by our editorial team to give readers what we hope are insightful views on local, regional, and wider-reaching events that affect them.

This week, our readers are providing that dialogue.

Reader comments from our website on the provincial government’s plans to reach further into municipal politics are as direct and insightful as any editorial we could write. With credit to Town of St. Paul Mayor Maureen Miller for pulling no punches when expressing her feelings on the proposed Bill 20 legislation in our most recent article, here are just a few responses to the story from verified readers ...

“Mayor Miller is correct. The UCP is trying to become an autocratic Government. They do not need these sweeping powers. The people in a municipality elect their chosen leaders and do not need the province to interfere unless the council was breaking the law. Giving them powers to even overturn municipal bylaws is very problematic. The people must reject this serious overreach or be very sorry later. Also we do not need any political parties in municipal politics.”


How is it that Danielle Smith’s government blasts the federal government for supposed overreach into areas she deems provincial jurisdiction, then proceeds to inflict overreach on our communities? … The game of smoke and mirrors is strong with this one…


"Albertans expect fair and free elections.” That’s exactly what we expect and what democracy is all about. Those elected at the municipal level are put in place by the people they serve first - the community they live in. The decisions they make are based on what’s best for the community. I find it abhorrent that the provincial government (another elected body) could swoop in and change decisions and bylaws, because they don’t line up with the ruling provincial party. What’s worse is Bill 20 would allow the province to remove a municipal councillor. That smacks of dictatorship and fascism. Last time I looked, we live in a democratic country and Bill 20 is definitely not democratic in its design.”


"I've lived in Calgary for 50 years now, and I have never heard anyone say that we need political parties at the municipal level. Not once. I completely agree with St Paul Mayor Maureen Miller who said, 'This is the only level of government that is non-partisan. And it has to stay that way.'"


“Despite the survey results that say that the majority of Albertans do not want this the UCP has reinserted their earplugs and will push through unwanted and unnecessary legislation to give them the fast track to being a dictatorship. Wake up everyone!!! The idea that (Alberta Municipal Affairs Minister Ric McIver) can recall any elected official that doesn't suit their agenda should scare the heck out of anyone who is paying attention.”


"It is nothing but power consolidation. Block the feds and take control of all the leadership in the province…"


For more responses see the comments section of our stories at

If the elected municipal leaders are saying it, and the people who vote in those municipalities are also saying it … maybe our provincial leaders should be hearing it.

Reader comments to stories in the Lakeland This Week or are welcome through online access, office contact emails or letters to the editor. As a community news source and community marketing business, our offices across the Lakeland know that listening to our community is vital for growth. It would be nice if our provincial leaders thought the same way.





Rob McKinley

About the Author: Rob McKinley

Rob has been in the media, marketing and promotion business for 30 years, working in the public sector, as well as media outlets in major metropolitan markets, smaller rural communities and Indigenous-focused settings.
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