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Comment: Zoom-ing to the resc--------------------

The answer to all your virt-----------lems

After more than a year of doing them regularly, virtual meetings are still a wild frontier — even for (or perhaps especially for) an old, grizzled communications guy like me.

I took part in five online conference calls – slash - virtual meetings today. And do you know the worst thi— Oh, sorry … no, no you go ahead, Sarah. No, don’t worry, you don’t have to — Oh, Ok, well yes, thanks. Yes, I know — I agree, and that is my point.

It gets a little frustrati— Yes, yes, right, thanks, Reese … Yes A LOT frustrating. Right. Thanks —

OK. I’m just gonna go ahead and finish up m— yep, yep, for sure. No, don‘t worry about it, buddy. I know… I know, thanks —

So, when users speak, stutter, re-load and then apologize 15 times in a half-hour conference connection — uhm, Sonia, yah, hi — I think your microphone is on … and your Keurig is done brewing … and you should see someone about that cough…

 OK, where was I? Yes, right, thanks Jenn … Productivity. It can definitely hurt productivity.

Best solution — ever

We all suffer from it, but over the year, I’ve learned the fool-proof solution to making these meetings more effective and efficient. Whether it’s Teams, Zoom, iChat, Skype, whatever … It’s a way that not only saves time, but money and valuable resources as well. It’s so easy. All you do is whe--------------------------------------------------------------------------------nd then just tak---------------------------times and your overall savings in t-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------alves-------- at’s it. Done.

--------------dibly amazing, right? 

So with that impor..nnn-nn-nnn-t-t-t…  t life lesson------------- nd sorted, only the frust ray-ray-ray-shunnnnnnnnnn shunnnn-nnn-nnn of a shhhhhhhhhh..t-t-tyyyyyyyyy  In-in-innnnnnnnnn-terrrrr-n—  etttttt-t …. ctions is left to t-tt-a-alllll-k-k-k-k about.

But let’s leave that for another session. Wow. We’ve learned so much today.

Text me your contact info and I’ll add you to the call-out list for tomorrow’s group workshop.

Thanks everyone. See, y— Uhm, yes, Grady. No, no you go ahead, it’s… Yep, right, yes … Yes, I’ll send you a link and a time. Right. Yep. No, don’t worry about it, right...

OK. Thanks guys. Good meeting.