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Here Are 10 Essential Items To Bring In Your RV This Winter

If you’re gearing up for a winter vacation in your RV, there are some things you’ll want in your tool belt. Here are ten items to bring on your next winter RV trip.
Clearing yard of snow with a black snow shovel.

Being prepared is cool and being cold is not an option. If you’re jumping in your RV for a little winter travelling, you probably know your way around a camping trip. Even if you’ve got your winter camping routine down to a science, there is always room for error, and winter does tend to make everything more complicated. In the case of a breakdown, an extreme temperature dip, or any unforeseen circumstances that could leave you in a sticky (and chilly) situation, it’s good to have a bit of an emergency kit ready to go. We’ve rounded up a list of essential items that you’ll want on hand in your RV this winter.

A Shovel

Shovels can be life-changing if you find yourself stuck in the snow. Even if you don’t use it this time, it’s good to have it in your back pocket.

Salt or Gravel

Bring some salt, gravel, or even kitty litter to throw under your tiers for extra grip on the snow or ice when you’re trying to move your RV. Also, it’s a good idea to sprinkle it around your campsite, so you don’t slip. Of course, check with your campground or local municipality to see what’s permitted.


Layers are everything. Even if it seems overkill, bring warm clothes and extra blankets. In the case of a power outage or unpredictable weather shift, you’ll want them. And, it’s always nice to be able to offer your extras to someone else in need.

Dry Firewood

Stashing away a bit of dry firewood is always a good idea. Either bring a bin to store wood in or preemptively put some dry wood inside your RV’s storage.

Good RV Skirting

Good RV skirting is key to keeping your pipes and tanks from freezing. There are many different ways to approach skirting, and you can make your own. Just be sure you have it.

Window Insulation

Just like skirting, you can DIY window insulation. From getting an insulation kit to just bringing along some foam, it’s a good idea to be able to keep the heat and the cold out if it gets especially frigid outside.

A Generator

From electrical issues in your RV to power outages, extreme cold can cause problems, and you never want to be stuck without power in an unfamiliar place. A charged generator is essential.

Space Heater

Small space heaters can pack a punch. Even better if you could find one that is chargeable or solar power.


Never forget matches; this goes for all trips in all weather conditions.

Flash Lights

The same goes for flashlights! You’ll want a few flashlights and a bunch of batteries at your disposal at all times.

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