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Kinosoo Ridge Adventure Park delayed

The Kinosoo Adventure Park is slightly delayed, but it's in the works, said MD Reeve Greg Sawchuk.
Kinosoo ridge sign
The adventure park slated to open at Kinosoo Ridge is behind schedule.

BONNYVILLE - The adventure will have to wait, at least for a little longer.  

The Kinosoo Ridge Adventure Park is a bit delayed, explained MD of Bonnyville Reeve Greg Sawchuk, but it's still in the works. 

Originally set for a May-long weekend opening, the Kinosoo Adventure Park has been setback and is now expected to open July 1. 

“As with any project I have come to find that has to do with any government, it takes longer than you would always like,” noted Sawchuk. 

Ground work is already underway at the site, which is situated on top of the ski hill, and the structure itself is boxed up and on its way. 

“I just got word that the package is being shipped from Germany,” Sawchuk expressed. 

The adventure park was delayed partly because of the federal government grant that is paying for most of the project, but also because of the pandemic. 

“Trying to deal with long distance and dealing with Germany, and they’ve had their own issues as well,” detailed Sawchuk. 

So far, it's remained within the $1.6 million budget. 

“It’s going to be an exciting addition for out there and just the first in a number of things in terms of improvements at Kinosoo Ridge,” Sawchuk exclaimed, adding the MD has big plans for Kinosoo Ridge. 

In order to turn the snow resort into an all-season destination, the municipality is expanding what's offered, such as building the adventure park and taking over the nearby campground.

“Part of the original plan, French Bay Provincial Park was included in it. That went on hold for a couple of years, but not it’s looking like that provincial park will also come under the MD’s control. I would expect we will have to invest a little bit of money there. I know the province is going to be providing us with a template of what they had proposed in regards to increasing the number of camping spots out there,” detailed Sawchuk. “Also, the size of the lease we had for Kinosoo Ridge itself is being expanded. What that does is it opens up some new terrain on that side of the road, which will allow for part of the all-season plan, which is to have trails for hiking or biking, and maybe the possibility of having some on-hill accommodations, such as cabins or yurts.”

Overall, Sawchuk said residents seem excited about the direction Kinosoo Ridge is headed, especially when it comes to the adventure park structure. 

“When it was first plugged during the first initial public engagement on Kinosoo Ridge and then the master plan put out there, there was lots of excitement about it. The people that have had experiences with them in other places have said they’re looking forward to it."

Meagan MacEachern, Bonnyville Nouvelle