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MD of Bonnyville looking for feedback on natural gas flow

The MD of Bonnyville is looking for residents to share their concerns and feedback on natural gas flow in the municipality
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BONNYVILLE – The MD of Bonnyville wants to hear from residents who are having issues with natural gas flow.  

MD council has heard some concerns from residents and are hoping to get a better picture of any problem areas within the municipality.  

Reeve Greg Sawchuk explained council was looking for a better picture when it came to problems stemming from natural gas flow after hearing some concerns raised.  

“They were brought forward by some residents through the development process that they weren’t able to get gas and then we had some others who had called in to say they were running low,” he explained. “We know during a cold period the pressures can drop off, but we’re just looking for input from residents.”  

The fact that the municipality is asking for feedback from residents isn’t bringing into question the service being received right now, Sawchuk stressed.  

“It just came out of the development process and it’s a change that we have to make here in regards to the questioning that we put out to our outside utility suppliers. The question that we need to be asking a supplier is ‘do you have the ability to provide gas for the new development?’ That’s the change that we’re going to have to implement internally.”  

A lack of natural gas flow in the area could significantly impact non-residential properties in the future.  

“There are development concerns that, obviously, if the product isn’t available, then it can stifle development. But, in the case of most of the MD, we have seen improvements in the last couple of years, which will allow for more of that development to take place.”  

If residents are facing issues in their home when it comes to the natural gas flow, Sawchuk encouraged them to call their provider because they’re the ones who fix it. The municipality is only looking to collect information and won’t be able to assist in any issues currently facing homeowners.   

Anyone with concerns about the flow and distribution of natural gas is asked to email the MD before Feb. 28 at   

Robynne Henry, Bonnyville Nouvelle