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Town discusses cannabis edibles, topicals, and extracts

Town of Bonnyville Council Briefs
Town Hall - Winter
Town briefs

BONNYVILLE – The consumption of cannabis edibles, topicals, and extracts won’t be governed the same as smoking marijuana in the Town of Bonnyville.

Council defeated a motion during their regular meeting on Feb. 11 to put a bylaw in place restricting users from eating cannabis-infused treats in public.

According to CAO Bill Rogers, administration received a letter from Alberta Health Services (AHS) suggesting the consumption of edibles, topicals, and extracts to be prohibited in public spaces.

“Our bylaws currently restrict all forms of smoking, and that applies to both cannabis and tobacco, due to concerns about second-hand smoke,” Rogers explained. “But, our bylaw doesn’t deal with edibles, topicals, or extracts.”

The subject was sent to the policing committee for a recommendation, and they suggested proceeding with AHS’ recommendation.

“We said we don’t want it being left on a table, if somebody forgets it there and some kid grabs it… If you don’t pass a bylaw, they can do that,” detailed Coun. Rene Van Brabant, who sits on the policing committee.

Coun. Brian McEvoy was against the proposal.

“I just have an issue in creating a bylaw that’s virtually unenforceable that nobody has any intention of enforcing just to keep AHS happy. I just don’t agree with it,” he stated.

Mayor Gene Sobolewski agreed, “It’s a legal product, we have bylaws already and there’s laws on public intoxication and all of the rest of it. So if somebody (eats)… a gummy or cookie or brownie and starts eating it, are they doing something that’s illegal? If we have a bylaw that says you aren’t allowed to eat cannabis, how do we determine if it’s cannabis or not?”

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Keeping fish in Slawuta Pond

Council passed a motion to make a $500 contribution to the Alberta Conservation Association (ACA), who currently stock fish in Slawuta Pond.

Administration received a letter from Trout Unlimited Canada requesting a donation. The town hadn’t put money towards stocking in the past, however, the current funding the ACA receives from the sale of provincial fishing licenses is declining.

“I think it’s a really great asset that we have in town,” expressed Coun. Elisa Brosseau. “I see people walking there and they definitely fish there.”

One step closer to strategic planning sessions

The town is one step closer to mapping out their future strategies.

Out of the three firms that were presented for their strategic planning sessions, council decided to go with Sherwood Park-based Bloom CME for $5,000. The money will come out of the town’s contingency funds.

A motion was passed during council’s Jan. 28 meeting to discuss what they’ve accomplished so far in their term, and where they want to go for the next two years.

Celebrating the Pontiacs

Members from the municipality will be attending the Pontiacs Year-End banquet at the end of the month.

Council voted to purchase a table of eight for the event at the cost of $375.

Robynne Henry, Bonnyville Nouvelle