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$100,000 lotto win for Cold Lake resident

A Cold Lake resident found out she was $100,000 richer after scanning her recently purchased LOTTO MAX ticket.
Carole St. Onge recently won $100,000 on a LOTTO MAX ticket purchased in Cold Lake.

COLD LAKE - A Cold Lake resident found out she was $100,000 richer after scanning her recently purchased LOTTO MAX ticket.

Carole St. Onge was shocked when she scanned her LOTTO MAX ticket on the Lotto Spot app, discovering she had won $100,000 on the March 31 EXTRA draw, according to information from Western Canada Lottery Corporation.

“I was completely stunned,” she said. “And shocked and stunned. It feels incredibly surreal.”

St. Onge said she isn’t making any big plans for her windfall but will put some money toward bill payments and some into her savings account.

The winning ticket was purchased from Fas Gas Grand Centre Service, located at 4602 50 Street in Cold Lake.

The March 31 LOTTO MAX and EXTRA draw was a win for the Prairie provinces. Four major prizes, including the $60 million LOTTO MAX jackpot, were won by tickets purchased in the Prairies, according to Western Canada Lottery Corporation and AGLC.