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City installs water bottle filling stations this summer

Two personal-use water stations were installed in Cold Lake over the summer, one at Kinosoo Beach and the other in the downtown area.

COLD LAKE - Two personal-use water stations were installed in Cold Lake over the summer.

In mid-August, the City announced the potable water stations - one at Kinosoo Beach and one in the downtown - were complete.

“We wanted to provide residents and visitors with a place to fill their water bottles or have access to fresh drinking water,” said Mayor Craig Copeland. “So far, these stations have had a lot of usage.”

According to the City of Cold Lake, the station at Kinosoo Beach includes a drinking fountain on either side of the water bottle fill. The downtown water station is only a filling station for bottles or other water receptacles.

"The downtown bottle fill station was custom-made by the city’s Utilities Department and installed at the beginning of August. It is attached to a fire hydrant as a water supply," according to information from the City.

“We felt it was important to provide access to water for everyone in our community, especially during some of our hotter summer days,” said the mayor.

All stations will be operational seasonally, depending on the weather.

The creation of the water stations was included in the 2023 Capital Budget with a budget of $20,000.