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Tender awarded for first phase of Lakeshore Drive project

Retaining wall important step for Lakeshore Drive

COLD LAKE – The tender has been awarded and construction on a $9.94 million piece of the Lakeshore Drive infrastructure improvement project is slated to begin later this month.

Wade Friesen, engineering technologist with the City, confirmed to Lakeland This Week the contract for Phase 1A of the Lakeshore Drive improvements has been awarded to Chandos Construction. The company will undertake the installation of a sheet pile wall along Lakeshore Drive between 2nd Ave. and 7th Ave.

Describing the structure as a type of retaining wall, Friesen explained construction involves interlocking steel sheets being driven into the ground.

“The wall is being installed to help stabilize the bank of Lakeshore Drive and will also create a more usable space on the east side of the road for a linear parkway, which will be completed in futures phases.”

Installation of this retaining wall, also referred to as sea wall in City information, is part of an overall estimated $30 million spend to address the deteriorating underground utilities, road surface conditions and slope stability issues along the lakeshore. Another key component of the project is landscaping improvements to “develop the corridor as a linear parkway connecting Kinosoo Beach and Cold Lake Marina,” according to information of the City’s website.

In August, administration provided an update to City council seeking the go ahead to award the winning bid for the retaining wall to be funded through the 2023 capital budget, while also serving notice that funds have not yet been dedicated for Phase 1B of the project which involves the underground utility replacement, road and sidewalk rehabilitation and landscaping from 2nd Ave and 7th Ave, slated for next summer. This will need to be addressed in the 2024 budget.

Meanwhile, Phase 2 of the project looks at improvements in the area between 7th Ave and 7th St., and also includes underground utility replacement, along with road and sidewalk rehabilitation and landscaping. No commitment of funds has been made by council at this point and will be considered following completion of the Phase 1.

“The City has been patiently awaiting the start of this project, so it’s exciting to know that we are moving even closer to making it a reality,” Mayor Craig Copeland noted in news release. “Lakeshore Drive not only links the Marina and Kinosoo Beach but offers access to many businesses such as restaurants and B&B’s with a very popular walking trail.”

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