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Vandalism at Cold Lake Energy Centre believed to be part of 'social media trend'

Frustrations are being felt regarding ongoing vandalism at the Cold Lake Energy Centre.
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COLD LAKE - Frustrations are being felt regarding ongoing vandalism at the Cold Lake Energy Centre.

On Wednesday, the City of Cold Lake released information stating administration was concerned about a "social media trend encouraging illegal, destructive behaviour in public places," and those acts could have an affect on services at the Energy Centre.

"Persistent damage and vandalism have caused unsafe conditions and brought significant cost in repairing damages," according to the the City. Administration is looking at ways to control the situation and help mitigate the damage that is being caused.

"This may include limiting access points to the facility or shutting down certain amenities, such as some of the washrooms, during certain hours. Cold Lake Municipal Enforcement and the RCMP are aware of the trend, and are taking steps to curb the behavior it is causing," according to the City of Cold Lake.

Anyone with knowledge about the vandalism is being asked to come forward. The City is even considering offering a reward for information that leads to suspects being caught and charged.

"To date, one significant fine has been levied to a youth who was charged under the City of Cold Lake’s vandalism bylaw. The trend, however, continues and maintenance and repair bills are mounting."

CAO Kevin Nagoya reminded those involved that the Energy Centre is a public facility, built and maintained with public money. 

“We strive to provide the maximum amount of access to public facilities possible, however, the level of contempt we have seen means that we may be forced to take extraordinary measures to protect our community’s asset,” said Nagoya.

The City is hoping residents will respect any closures that may have to be made, and asks that people follow directions on any posted signage. The City will work to notify residents if limitations or closures of amenities are necessary for specific hours. 

"The City will also work to resume regular operations once it is apparent that the behavior has been curbed. Limitations are most likely to be placed on the facility Monday through Friday between 6 a.m. and 4 p.m."

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