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Aurora girls fought the law ... and the law won

Girls basketball team battles on the court for community game with police, peace and fire officers

Aurora Middle School hosted another basketball game last Tuesday between student-athletes and members of Lac La Biche first responder units. 

The school's Grade 7 girls  basketball team played local RCMP, peace officers and fire services members in the school's gymnasium, as an audience of students cheered from the sidelines. 

The school has been hosting games against the RCMP as a way to build relationships between students and law enforcement through a fun physical activity, says Wayne Mah,  the physical education teacher at Aurora.  

"This event promotes physical activity as a lifelong journey to our children, and allows our young basketball players to build and enhance their basketball skills and strategies." 

Although the visiting law-enforcers did lay down the law with a 21-16 win,  Lac La Biche RCMP Staff sgt. Jerry Nutbrown says the girls had them working up a sweat, but it was time well spent if it means the students are able to see local law enforcement staff as community members instead of just uniforms.

"The stronger and more positive relationships we can build with our youth, the more benefit all involved will experience," said Nutbrown.

A final challenge of the school year will be scheduled later in June between the students and RCMP —during the school's annual track and field day — as they compete in a relay race.