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Keeping you and your family motivated while in quarantine

Two Solo cups and a dishcloth are all that's needed to workout in local fitness video

With COVID-19 forced closures of gyms, parks, pools, and other recreation centres, people’s usual workout places have been taken away, and it can be challenging to keep up with fitness goals while being stuck inside. Challenging, but not impossible, says Deb Menard, the Be Fit For Life Centre Coordinator and Trainer at Portage College's Lac La Biche campus.

The health and fitness advocate says there are still many ways to access activities to make the quarantine easier for area residents — especially those with children who are also living different no-school routines. She says indoor activities can translate from video screens to living rooms, and the Great Outdoors continues to offer unlimited mental and physical health opportunities.

“There are a bunch of free resources online to help, and to guide families when they want to workout, but they don’t know where to start,” says Menard. “There are websites like Bokskids and Jumpstart that are helping parents learn new activities to do with their children. Youtube has countless fun workout videos for children that parents can also join in on.”

For outdoor activities, the Be Fit For Life Coordinator recommends playing in the snow, going on walks, throwing a ball around, and for younger kids, getting creative with a challenge of creating obstacle courses or helping with outdoor chores like shoveling snow. 

Working out can even be a tool to help your child stay focused during their online classes. Doing just 20 minutes of aerobic exercise before a task that requires a lot of brain power can refocus restless children. 

Stress help

When stressful times set in, people tend to neglect their workout routines, but Menard says that’s when we all need it the most. 

“Exercise is one of the best medicines — and especially during times like this, we can feel really overwhelmed. Exercising can help to relieve anxiety and depression.” says Menard. “Working out can really keep a person's stress at bay, and help them to be able to regulate their emotions better.”

Local video

For a local workout, Menard began her own online fitness video series this week. She plans to host a new video each week for Wellness Wednesday on her own Youtube channel at Be Fit For Life - Lac La Biche. The description of the first 28-minute workout video instructs participants to bring two Solo cups and a dish-cloth for a workout targetting lower body and core.  Menard's video link is here here.

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