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Lac La Biche peace officers highlight distracted driving in February

February is finally upon us, and the Peace Officers have some messages and warnings for the month. “Distracted driving is our focus for February,” says Chris Clark, Enforcement Services Supervisor.

Lac La Biche County Peace Officers are meeting the month of February with some specific law enforcement themes in mind.

“Distracted driving is our focus for February,” says Chris Clark the municipality's Enforcement Services Supervisor. “We just want to remind people that with distracted driving that means being on a phone, utilizing electronic devices, or engaging in personal grooming while they are operating a vehicle.” 

The reason why distracted driving is being highlighted in February is because it is one of the most dangerous things a driver can do. 

“Distracted driving is one of the highest factors in the cause of motor vehicle collisions in the country,” says Clark, explaining that injury or even death can be the ultimate consequene of distracted driving. Monetary consequences are also in play.

 “If you are caught, the fine is $287,” says Clark, adding that peace officers are also continuing to urge area motorists to drive according to winter driving conditions. Blizzards, freeze and thaw conditions, extreme cold or freezing rain — winter motorist should expect any and all challenges when it comes to driving in Alberta. 

“When it comes to adverse weather conditions, or with weather conditions where it is above zero during the day, and below zero at night time, frost starts to come to the road surface and that can make the roads extremely icey,” says Clark. “Especially at intersections, as well as on highways and the movement of traffic will end up causing what we call ‘wheel path ice.’ This increases the severity of a collision because it reduces your ability to be able to stop.”

The main takeaways that Clark wants the public to know for February is to be cautious on the roads. Drive at a safe speed, and make sure to stay off of electronic devices while driving. This will lower the risk of collisions and help make the roads as safe as possible, says Clark.