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One Lac La Biche County councillor selected before election

Colette Borgun will serve a second term on Lac La Biche County council. Borgun was acclaimed to the Plamondon-area Ward 3 after running for re-election in the riding with no opponents.

As Election Day on October 18 approaches, Borgun says she is ready to see who will win the remaining seven council and Mayor seats  for the county. 

For Borgun, being on council is all about being on a team because she has one vote on the committee of nine that represents all of Lac La Biche County.

 “I don’t consider myself a councillor for Ward 3, I consider myself a councillor for the entire county. When you go in thinking like that, you serve the people better,” said Borgun.

Nonetheless, Borgun sees issues in her Plamondon-area ward as an equally important focus of her council job.  

“Of course I have a big interest in Ward 3 and we have done a lot of good work here in the last four years,” she said, adding that her previous role as the chief administrative officer for the former Village of Plamondon was also focused on important local projects.

Water and sewer system projects along the Plamondon Creek that were completed in 2020, for example, are projects she been a part of for 20-years.

Confidence vote

Borgun sees the acclamation as a vote of confidence.

“A lot of folks have called me and congratulated me, I’m telling them it’s my honour to represent them and it’s a privilege,” she says.

Borgun’s opponent in the 2017 municipal election, Nikola Skorohodov, told Lakeland Today, he decided not to run this time around due to changes in his work schedule.

“I don’t see how I could dedicate my time when I work out of town Monday-Friday,” said Nikola in a phone interview with Lakeland This Week.

 After the election is over, Borgun is looking forward to getting to work for the next four-years.