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Organizers of World Archery Field Championships looking for volunteers

The World Archery Field Championships will be held in Lac La Biche County from Sept. 16-22. Organizers recently began recruiting volunteers for the event.

LAC LA BICHE - Organizers of the 2024 World Archery Field Championships taking place in Lac La Biche County this September have begun recruiting volunteers for the event.  

The World Archery Field Championships are being hosted by the Lakeland Archery Club from Sept. 16 to 24. The week-long competition is expected to draw more than 300 archers from around the world.  

 Aimée Barnabé, an event producer for the World Archery Field Championships, said the formal call to recruit volunteers went out recently. Outside of the 12-member organizing committee, Baranabé estimates more than 400 volunteer shifts will be needed over the week, with daily requirements ranging from a dozen helpers to more than 60 , depending on the events. 

“An international archery event of this calibre requires tremendous volunteer resources,” she told Lakeland This Week. “ 

The first call for volunteers has started quite well, she says.  

“Currently, we have about 25 volunteers registered with more joining each day.” 

Volunteers are needed in several key areas, including access points at the Herb Erickson Archery Center that will serve as the headquarters of the event. Volunteers will also be needed to assist at the opening ceremonies, the awards event and the closing ceremonies. Other helping hands will be required for setting up targets and signage on the field and some will serve as caterers. 

Volunteers will also be responsible for monitoring and escorting athletes who’ve been selected for anti-doping tests. 

Second world event 

There could be many familiar faces in the ranks of volunteers at the 2024 World Archery Field Championships. Barnabé says 90 per cent of the people who have signed up to volunteer so far also lent their time and skills to the World 3D Archery Championships, which was hosted by the Lakeland Archers in 2019. Most of these volunteers, she added, regularly volunteer for archery club events.  

Not all of the volunteers are local, either, she adds.  

 “We have volunteers coming from Victoria, Quebec, Ontario and as far away as Mexico and England,” she said.  

 When recruiting volunteers to help out, Barnabe said organizers are on the lookout for those who love their community and want to share it with guests from all over the world. She added that anyone who has the ability to speak another language, has experience in security, or is willing to take on some physical labour jobs will definitely be welcomed into the group of volunteers that is currently being assembled.  

Barnabé said an event of this size simply doesn’t happen without the support of the local core of volunteers. She said the success of the event is also largely impacted by the volunteers. 

“From the execution of the logistics of the sport, to the cultural exchange that happens off the field, volunteers are at the heart of a successful championship,” she said. “Many of the 2019 participants are returning to Lac La Biche because of the amazing experience they had here. That is a direct result of the volunteers and support of the community.” 

People wanting to get involved or learn more about volunteer opportunities for the World Archery Field Championships are asked to go to the event website and register their interest and availability. 

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