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Smoke Bomb Evacuates Apartment Building

Police and fire crews confirm mischief, not fire, was behind apartment evacuation

Dozens of  residents at Lac La Biche's Juliana Manor apartment complex were forced into the cold night last Wednesday as thick smoke billowed through the B Building, and the fire alarm bells wailed. Fortunately, the evacuation was short-lived, and damage was at a minimum after responding fire crews found tha the smoke was not associated to any flames.

But in the minutes before fire crews arrived, residents started out of their rooms in a panic as they realized the smoke was quickly filling the hallways. Many raced from their suites and into the dark parking lot. Once outside, some residents started to call up to people who chose to stay in their rooms.

“It’s a fire! Get out now!” a woman screamed to her friend on the fourth floor as smoke began to blow and curl from windows and doorways on the north side of the building.

Fire officials arrived quickly at the scene, and discovered there was no fire threat to the building. Fire crews told the POST that someone had purposely released  what is commonly called a 'smoke bomb' inside a hallway of the building.

  The smoke bomb was put out and eventually, residents were able to go back inside.  Although smoke bombs are not designed to emit fire or sparks, they are a fire safety hazard, say local fire department officials, explaining that the sparks could ingite any nearby fuel sources.

The landlord of the building suspects that the person responsible was someone who doesn’t live in the building, but is someone that came in, lit the smoke bomb, and left.

Lac La Biche County Peace Officers and Lac La Biche RCMP say there are no suspects or eyewitnesses at this time to the mischief at this time.