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Drumheller’s Jurassic Jamboree a worthwhile trip, say attendees from the Lakeland

In April, a Jurassic Jamboree was held in Drumheller in an attempt to break the record of the current Guinness World Records title for the largest gathering of people dressed as dinosaurs.

LAKELAND – The current Guinness World Records title for the largest gathering of people dressed as dinosaurs was set in Los Angeles in 2019, with 252 people recorded. On April 27, a Jurassic Jamboree was held in Drumheller in an attempt to break the record.  

Over 3,000 people attended, but due to the high volume of attendees, exact counts were not obtained, according to Travel Drumheller on May 8, which means a new record could not be confirmed. Travel Drumheller organized the event. 

Voon You Ten, from St. Paul, made the trip to Drumheller with her family, and upon hearing of the news that the record had not been confirmed said, “That’s too bad.” But for her, it was the experience that mattered. 

You Ten loves wearing her dinosaur costume. “To be totally honest, I wear mine [dinosaur costumed] in the town of St. Paul just for fun,” such as at the park, or when she picks up her children from school, she says with a laugh. 

So, when she heard about the event from a friend, she thought it was an opportunity that could not be missed. And the trip proved to be worth it. 

“It was lots of fun,” says You Ten, recalling the excitement she felt seeing thousands of people dressed up in dinosaur outfits. She says it was neat walking around the town, the park, and even the bank machine, seeing people dressed as dinosaurs. 

To meet and interact with like-minded people gives that sense of camaraderie, she says. It was an opportunity to “just almost be free to be silly” with each other, she says. “The energy level was great.” 

It is a sentiment echoed by Nicole Bykowsky, who made the trip with her sister, Michelle Cousins. 

When the sisters heard about the event, they felt excited. Even with job commitments, they made sure to schedule time so they would not miss the jamboree. 

“We decided to go for a quick trip and come back,” said Bykowsky. They arrived in Drumheller at 2:30 a.m. on the morning of April 27. 

And leaving their hotel, “Just seeing all the costumes and the amount of people was insane,” says Bykowsky. “It was just wonderful.” 

One of the best parts, she says, was seeing people of all ages just having fun.  

“I saw a lady, she had to be about like late 80s, and she was rocking the dino costume... It was great.” 

For Bykowsky, in addition to the jamboree, it was also an opportunity for her to see Drumheller for the first time.  

“It was just beautiful. I really want to take a trip and actually explore the area one day when I have more time off,” she says. 

Travel Drumheller stated that even if they did not achieve the goal of officially breaking the world record, they plan to make the Jurassic Jamboree an annual event and will attempt to break the record in the future. 

“The support and enthusiasm from everyone who attended was truly inspiring, and we are grateful to everyone who participated and contributed to the event's success,” stated Travel Drumheller. 

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