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J.A Williams High School presents Halloween musical Zombie Night

JAWS play runs this week. Tickets available online

LAC LA BICHE - J. A. Williams High School students will be part of an annual senior class party this week that takes a dark turn when students decide to throw the event at an abandoned farmhouse... oozing with terror. Zombie Night, a musical horror play, by Tim Kelly is making an appearance this Halloween in Lac La Biche.

J.A Williams High School students will be performing a rendition of the spooky play for three nights this week at Portage College’s McGrane Theater. The shows run Wednesday, Oct. 27, Thursday, Oct. 28 and Friday, Oct. 29. All three performances begin at 7 p.m.

The 10-week long production period leading to the shows has brought together 65 students from the Multimedia, Cosmetology, Drama and Grade 9 Fine Art departments for this massive production, says JAWS English and Music teacher Aimee Berland.

“Our cosmetology students are doing all the makeup and hair for all of our zombies and ghosts, and our multimedia classes do the posters, lighting and all the sound. It’s very collaborative,” says Berland.

Berland’s drama class has been rehearsing  together for three and a half hours on school days since September, she says. With just a few more days left until the curtain drops, dress rehearsals will be in full swing.

Normally, the Lac La Biche high school puts on renditions of Disney plays, but the decision to take on a Halloween theme this year was due to the uncertainty of COVID-19 possibly affecting the production — and to get students involved in some much-needed teenage fun... involving zombies.

“We took a whole different angle this time. There are some scary moments but it’s all 1950s doo-wop music and they all sing in the play too… after two years of feeling completely trapped, to enjoy being out and to do something again, and for these guys it’s huge.”

For the community, the three shows are also hoped to offer a little something different from what has been a challenging year and a half.

Hard work

For high school student Ainsley Kruk, who is portraying Nurse Payne—a deranged assistant to Dr. Thanatos who once occupied the abandoned farmhouse— this role has been a fulfilling opportunity that has brought her out of her comfort zone.

However, says Kruk, she hopes attendees will appreciate all the effort it took.

“We all put a lot of hard work into it, it’s not for nothing,” says Kruk.

Not only did the students and staff contribute to Zombie Night, says Berland, but the use of the Portage College McGrane Theater, along with set equipment received from Lac La Biche Players theatre group, have made the event possible.

More Information:

The Oct. 27 show is sold out, but there are still tickets for Oct. 28 and 29, says Berland.

Also, the 250-seat McGrane Theater will be limited to one-third occupancy due to COVID-19 regulations. Seats are limited and assigned, attendees are required to wear masks, be socially distanced and arrive early for seating.

For more information, visit to find a link to buy tickets. Direct access to ticket sales can be found at