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Lac La Biche boxer wins first pro fight

Former amateur boxer Muhammad ‘Hummy’ Moghrabi, who turned pro last year, won his debut fight in the Toronto area against experienced Mexican fighter Ruben Mejia.

For one Lac La Biche boxer fulfilling his dream of becoming a professional athlete, his debut fight last month is making that dream a reality. Muhammad ‘Hummy’ Moghrabi secured his first win during his first professional match against Mexican fighter Ruben Mejia in Toronto on Oct. 30. 

“I am very proud that I was able to muster up the win and put on a dominant performance, but I feel as if I’ve only shown a fraction of what I usually do and what I’m capable of. I’m very eager to get back in the ring as soon as possible and showcase what I can do,” the 27-year-old told Lakeland Today

“It was right back to the gym on Monday… I did have a good celebratory meal or two because I didn’t have to cut much weight. But it's right back to business. We’re looking at fighting here by the end of November… it’s in the works.” 

First pro fight  

Moghrabi competed in the 175-lbs light-heavyweight category during the match that lasted four, three-minute rounds against Mejia—an experienced. Initially, the fight was supposed to take place on Oct. 15, but was delayed due to scheduling issues, said Moghrabi. Nonetheless, coming out on top in his first fight after transitioning from the amateur boxing level in Alberta and starting his professional boxing career with a win against Mejia was reaffirming of all the hard work that he has put in over the years. 

“The first round was what I would say was my most dominate,” he says. For the remainder of the fight, Mejia kept him on his toes and was a good match during his first win, Moghrabi explained. 

“He was able to bring a good fight for the rest of the rounds, he was with me the whole time. It was not a landslide by any means, but it was a dominant performance on my end… and getting a unanimous victory,” through the scorecards. 

Local support 

Moghrabi has been training at the Alliance Boxing Club in Edmonton with his coach John Mendonca, multiple times a day, six-days-a-week. Training, alongside the local support from his hometown, has been a great form of motivation since turning pro, the young boxer said. 

“It was a little overwhelming at first, but it gave me a sense of confidence and something more to fight for… it gave me another reason to show up and try to be my best self. It feels really good to represent my home community,” he says. Moghrabi moved to Edmonton to fulfill his dream almost three years ago. 

“All these people have watched me grow up in this town. Many of them understand my characteristics and it's nice to see and hear from everyone who has supported me. It made the difference.” 

Ready for more

As his mark in boxing is only just beginning, Moghrabi says his eye is on the prize. 

“Once a month, I’d like to enter the ring…to get one step closer to the goal” of becoming a national champion. And with a team filled with experience, confidence, and dedication, he is now one step closer. 

“I put in the work. I have the right people behind me. I’m on the right team and I have a community standing behind me… I’m meant to do this,” he says, instilling more confidence to build his dream while inspiring children and his home community to chase their dreams too. 

“My dream is to be an example to kids and people… to show that anyone can do what they put their mind to. I want to be living proof of that and able to leave a positive mark on the people around me.” 

About the Author: Rahma Dalmar

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