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Lakeland night sky

Look up, look way up

The last few weeks have given photographers and anyone who loves the northern Alberta natural wonders some great reasons to look to to the skies.

Recent displays of the Aurora Borealis have turned facebook pages all over the Lakeland turquoise with Northern Lights content. This one was taken by Lac La Biche's Otto Fayad of his son Ahmed on the municipal ice trail on Saturday night.

But not all the night lights are reserved for the night-owls. Early risers on Monday morning may have seen a flash in the sky as there are reports of a meteorite streaking across parts of Alberta at around 6:30. Some Lakeland This Week readers are telling their Lac La Biche newsroom they saw a bright white or blue light flashing across the sky for about two seconds south of their community. 

Many areas of the Lakeland region offer perfect spots for viewing the night stars ... and more. Portions of the Lakeland Provincial Recreation Area around Shaw Lake are classified as Dark Sky Preserves. The Lakeland spot is one of just five officially designated preserves in Alberta.

For anyone who saw the flash or has images, the American Meteor Society (it has a Canadian link as well) wants you to report it to their 'Report a Fireball' link at  The Royal Astronomical Society of Canda at is another good resource for information on the skies above.