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Long-awaited utility rebates set to appear on July bills

Ratepayers can expect to see a $50 credit tagged onto their July, August and September utility bills.
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Eligible Albertans can expect to see $50 in rebates added to their July, August and September bills, in the Province's attempt to curb the impact of high utility costs.

Many Albertans have been waiting months for the arrival of relief on high utility bills and the time has finally arrived. 

The Province announced back in April that a plan was underway to reimburse ratepayers for rising utility costs, especially those experienced in the first three months of 2022. 

After months of anticipation, the plan has finally been solidified, with the Province announcing Wednesday that Albertans can expect to see credit added directly to their bills beginning in July. 

“We are providing targeted support to help hard-working Albertans deal with the rising cost of living," associate Minister of Natural Gas and Electricity Dale Nally said in a press release.

"These rebates, combined with the fuel tax exemption and upcoming natural gas rebate, will help the large majority of Alberta households pay their bills while we make the long-term changes needed to make energy more affordable in the years ahead.”

Nearly two million consumers are eligible for the rebate, according to a press release. Three installments of $50 will be applied to bills in July, August and September, for a total of $150. The credit will show up as "GOA Utility Commodity Rebate" on the bill. Timing will be subject to the utility providers' billing cycle. 

Energy users that have been connected and paid bills within the last year and use less than 250 megawatt hours per year are eligible for the program. All consumers, including those on the variable regulated rate option and on competitive contracts, are eligible. 

There is no need to apply for the rebate. 

Last week, the Province issued a warning to consumers not to click on links sent via text or email that encouraged them to sign-up to receive their utility credit. 

Those who believe they are eligible for the rebate but have not received credit by the end of July should contact the Utility Consumer Advocate

The Province said it is also planning to introduce a natural gas rebate beginning in October. There are few details available about this proposed program at this time. 

If prices continue to remain high, the government has said it will provide support until the end of March 2023. 

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