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Moose Lake trail expansion comes in under budget

By chopping three provisional trails initially included in the Moose Lake trail expansion, the MD of Bonnyville was able to keep the Moose Lake trail expansion project under budget. With the expectation to have the trail expansion completed this year, the total cost for the project has been contracted out for just over $1.76 million.
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Schedules 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0, will not be included in the MD of Bonnyville's expansion of the Moose Lake trail system following a motion by MD council to keep the project under budget.

BONNYVILLE - The construction of new sections of the Moose Lake trail systems is expected to begin shortly, following a successful tender that came in under budget at just over $1.76 million.

With rising costs of materials, council had budgeted $2 million for a 7.5 km stretch of new trails around Moose Lake.

The project was able to stay under budget by removing three provisional portions of the new trail.

Removing the construction of these three portions of the trail, the MD will save an estimated $306,308.90 and keep the overall project under budget.

These portions were selected to be cut from the overall project due to lower speed limits in the rural subdivisions where the trails were to be built. 

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At the April 13 meeting, council approved the motion to remove three provisional portions of the new trail to keep the project under budget and hopefully see remaining funds to be put towards future projects. 

Coun. Darcy Skarsen who was the biggest advocate for the Moose Lake trail expansion, made the motion to remove the three smaller trail portions in order to have funds left over for future trail projects being considered elsewhere in the MD.

Excess funds not used on the Moose Lake trail will be returned to the Municipality's Walk Trail Reserve.

Construction on the Moose Lake trail expansion is expected to be completed this year. 

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