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Smoke from Saskatchewan affects air quality for second day in a row

Smoke drifting from forest fires in Saskatchewan leaves parts of the Lakeland in a haze and with it the risk to public health is deemed high. 
A haze is still noticeable in areas of the Lakeland on Wednesday, as smoke from a fire in Saskatchewan moved into the region a day earlier.

LAKELAND — Air quality in the Lakeland is being affected by fires burning in Saskatchewan, resulting in another air quality statement being issued on Wednesday. 

In the morning of Oct. 6, Alberta’s Air Quality Health Index ranked Cold Lake and St. Lina, along with surrounding areas, as being a level 7 out of 10 on the index, which is considered to pose a high risk to health.  

During periods of elevated air pollution deemed high risk - which includes index levels seven and above - Environment Canada recommends people reduce or reschedule strenuous activities outdoors, especially if they are experiencing symptoms such as coughing or throat irritation.  

Environment Canada suggests that “Children and the elderly should also take it easy.”  

“Smoke from a wildfire near Hudson Bay, Sask. is causing elevated values of fine particulate matter in parts of Alberta,” according to the Oct. 6 statement from Environment Canada. “Poor air quality and reduced visibility will continue for much of today, with conditions gradually improving from west to east.” 

The alert is in place for a large portion of the province, including Lac La Biche, St. Paul, Bonnyville and Cold Lake regions. 

By early afternoon on Wednesday, Cold Lake was sitting at a level five, and St. Lina was reporting at a level three. 

For the general population, there is “No need to modify your usual outdoor activities unless you experience symptom,” states the Government of Alberta’s website. “While you may detect an odour or change in visibility or clarity, enjoy your outdoor activities unless you experience symptoms.”  

Overnight air quality is forecasted to be drop to a level two. Throughout Thursday and into the evening, the air quality may be affected again, lifting the index to a level three.