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Some sweet Christmas fun

OPINION: Which gingerbread house is best?
Zander shows off a gingerbread house filled with candy. Check out the video below for some sweet Christmas fun.

ST. PAUL - Saturday night, I spent a solid hour with my 10-year-old, building and decorating a mini gingerbread house village.

While I was impressed by the fact that he actually sat with me for an hour and we successfully completed our task - I think the more impressive thing about building a gingerbread house with an elementary-aged child is how much sugar they can consume in such a short amount of time.

So, it was a bit of a fun coincidence that while I was sitting on the couch at the end of the night, a social media notification popped up of an adorable video featuring some young men, asking 'Mrs. Janice' from the St. Paul Journal to judge their gingerbread houses.

I think maybe their mom was glad she wasn't the one asked to pick a winner... but I loved being tagged by these little guys asking for my help.

Since we could all use a little break and some sweet holiday cheer, check out this video of Zander and his little brother Christian. The amount of candy on those gingerbread houses is truly amazing - and could possibly be a contender for some sort of world record, I think.

My experience judging gingerbread houses is pretty minimal... and I'm just not sure how I'm ever going to pick a winner, so help me out!