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St. Paul football hands out awards

St. Paul Football celebrated the achievements of its players and coaches during a Dec. 5 awards night, held at the St. Paul Regional High School gymnasium.
The graduating Grade 12 players from the St. Paul Lions are pictured with their jerseys.

St. Paul Football celebrated the achievements of its players and coaches during a Dec. 5 awards night, held at the St. Paul Regional High School gymnasium.

Outgoing president Graham Getz spoke to those gathered, noting the positive conduct of the players on both teams builds a sense of pride in the community. He also thanked the executive of the club, and added “being part of this club is so, so rewarding.”

Emcee for the night Roger Girard, who is also known as the voice of St. Paul Football, often announcing games at the Regional High School football field, described 2019 as the season where he was able to watch the Bengals grow, and the Lions play hard.

A list of thank-yous were given throughout the night, with players taking to the podium to thank each individual coach, and the wives of the coaches also being acknowledged and thanked. Sponsors were recognized, and head coaches offered their own thanks as they too took to the podium.

Bengals coach Todd Tanasichuk spoke specifically about Girard, saying “he’s a great example of giving back to his community,” and also thanked Getz for his work as president, saying, “he’s a tireless defender and promoter of St. Paul Football.”

Speaking specifically about the game played on the field, Tanasichuk said “we truly reached out potential this season.”While the Bengals started off inexperienced and a little shaky, the team continued to improve, and that is all a coaching staff can ask for, says Tanasichuk.

The team made it to its fourth consecutive championship game. “You have my respect,” said Tanasichuk, speaking to the players. Speaking to the graduating Lions players, Tanasichuk told them to remember the many things they’ve learned “through this great game” and don’t quit aspiring, even once you’ve achieved success.

He noted that life is a team game, and sacrifices are often needed in order for everyone to be successful.

Lions head coach Mark Tichkowsky also noted that 2019 was a season to be remembered. He noted that the Lions did better than expected and recalled a number of specific moments from the season that will stick with him.

“We have a great task ahead of us next year,” said Tanasichuk, noting, the returning players will have to work hard to achieve the success they want.

A scholarship award was handed out to Ben Fodchuk, who is now attending post-secondary school, so his mom accepted the order on his behalf and read a speech written by the alumni player. In his letter, Fodchuk noted that being part of the football club taught him there’s “always room for improvement” and he had to work for all the playing time he was give, which are lessons he has taken into life after football.

"You have to earn everything in life."

Player awards were then handed out to a number of players on both teams. Awards include:

MVP (Bengals) – Ryan Fodchuk

Most valuable offensive player (Bengals) – Travis McGilvery

Most valuable defensive player (Bengals) – Drayden Cardinal

Leadership (Bengals) – Logan Peters

Best offensive Lineman (Bengals) – Brady Hymanyk

Best defensive lineman (Bengals) – Helmon Ndose

Rookie of the Year Grade 9 (Bengals) – Luke Germain

Rookie of the Year (Grade 7/8, Bengals) – Randall Langevin and Rajani McKenzie

Most Improved (Bengals) – Exavian Bryan and Ryan McLellan

Most Heart (Bengals) - Jacob Lazowski

Claude Vachon Most Contribution Least Recognition Award (Bengals) – Connor Michaud

MVP (Lions) – Braden Paziuk

Top offensive player (Lions) – Ty Smereka

Top defensive player (Lions) – Lane Peters

2019 Rookie of the Year (Lions) – Tyler Foote

Most improved player (Lions) – Tulsen Wells

Best defensive lineman (Lions) – Brady Fodness

Best offensive lineman (Lions) – Dawson Poliakiwski and Kise White

Yaremko Most Heart Award (Lions) – Kyler Tichkowsky

Randall Krys Leadership Award (Lions) – Adam Berlinguette
Wheatland Football League All-Stars: Charlie Rogue, Josh Foote, Kyler Tichkowsky, Ty Smereka, David Campeau, Lane Peters and Kise White.


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