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St. Paul region dips below 10 active cases

The Lac La Biche region has four active cases of COVID-19, and the St. Paul region is now reporting nine cases.
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COVID-19 numbers in the St. Paul, Bonnyville and Lac La Biche regions have dropped, overall.

LAKELAND - The St. Paul region has fewer than 10 confirmed COVID-19 cases as of mid-week, according to the province's online map. This is the lowest number the region has seen in months.

On Wednesday, the map was showing just nine active cases of the virus. The nearby region of Smoky Lake was showing just two active cases. During the pandemic, the St. Paul region has spiked to well above 100 cases, a couple of times.

Elsewhere in the Lakeland, the Bonnyville region is showing 30 active cases and Cold Lake is reporting 14 active cases.

The Lac La Biche region is also showing a minimal number of cases, with zero cases in the Lac La Biche County region, and four active cases in the Lac La Biche area. 

But to the west of Lac La Biche, the Athabasca region continues to see an increase in cases. On Wednesday, the region was reporting 261 active cases. An outbreak at an Athabasca high school has been connected to nearly 100 cases of COVID-19