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EDITORIAL: Vote me the money

Look beyond the fight

Democrats and Republicans, UCP and NDP, Liberals and Conservatives, Labour and Tory. All different political stripes moving in their own worlds, with their own ideals and goals. And we the voters just accept that. Silly when you think about it. How can one man and a shielded cloak of like-minded people change the way of life for millions with the point of a finger or the swoosh of a pen? And how do we just sit and accept it, defend it even,  as someone simply having a different political view?

Take a step back.

Don't we all want a very similar way of life? Health, wealth and fairness.

But somehow we let these polarized ways of thinking slip into our lives ... and it becomes normal to be at odds with another group for their views. Really? Are we all that different?

Feed the hungry, clothe the poor, shelter the cold. These aren't the cries of a liberal, democratic or social government — as some may say — they're basic needs.

Make money, create development, increase wealth. Likewise, these aren't desires only for the Republican or Conservative or the one-percenter. Who among us doesn't want the creature comforts to make our lives and the lives of our families more  healthy, wealthy and fair?

The people making the decisions are no different than the voters around them. They want the same things as every human wants. Hopefully.

The problem isn't politics. The problem isn't Trump or Biden, Kenney or Notley — it's money. 

Yen, Dollar, Pound, Euro ... these are the global forces changing lives, and while that in itself isn't the whole issue, when greed is added, the pot starts to boil.

And this isn't about senior executives, politicians and bureaucrats at the trough. Greed isn't isolated to those with the wealth. Abuses in the system we call democracy are rampant in all sectors. Bankers get bailouts, EI scams abound, corporations with political ties get contracts, and welfare recipients falsely claim for more money. 

As one of the largest super-power countries on the globe votes this week, it will no doubt be seen as a contrast between political stripes. But if we believe that, then we believe that people no longer share core values. We have become so caught up in the fight, we have forgotten what we're fighting for?

And for those thinking this piece must've been written by a socialist ... you've just proved the point.