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There is always hope

Walking 5 km under bright, sunny skies is hardly a challenge compared to what so many other people are going through on a daily basis...

I may have wore the wrong shoes, and many hours later my feet are still hurting, but walking 5 km under bright, sunny skies is hardly a challenge compared to what so many other people are going through on a daily basis.

On Sunday, Canadians across the country took part in the 41st annual Terry Fox Run. The turnout for local runs wasn't a big as it has been in past years since this was the second year in a row the Terry Fox Foundation recommended people take part virtually, on their own time, and at their own pace, but the message remains the same - hope. And it's a message I think we need to carry through other parts of our lives right now. 

The pandemic has changed a lot of things on the surface, including long-running fundraisers such as the Terry Fox Run. But, just like Terry Fox's Marathon of Hope proved - the sun will shine, and there is hope. Although Terry wasn't able to complete his trek across Canada due to cancer, his efforts created a legacy that can't be denied.

And so, as I walked in shoes that hurt my feet on Sunday, with a bit of heaviness that I think many of us are feeling lately, I reminded myself that it was all just temporary, and there is always hope.

There is no doubt that last week was a tough week for many people. With continued and renewed measures in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there was definitely a feeling of frustration, confusion, anger, and so much more. You could feel it on social media, and in conversations at the grocery store.

Personally, I know a number of people who purposely took a step away from social media last week, following the provincial announcement of renewed public health measures.

Common ground is certainly tough to find these days, and it appears that an even wider gap exists between people.

As someone who has always found comfort in the middle ground... being in the centre... always trying to see both sides (or more, which is often the case), it's been tough. There are fewer people hanging out in the middle. Many have taken a firm stance on one side and refuse to look elsewhere at this point.

Whether it's politics, masks, or vaccines, there simply isn't a middle ground most days.

But, I'm hopeful. I'm hopeful that as one election wraps up, we can move on to other discussions. I'm hopeful that the steps we are taking today lead us in the right direction, even if it feels like we are sometimes walking backwards, or in circles.

We all face battles, and perhaps we need to remind ourselves of that more often. We battle health issues within our families, we battle relationship struggles, we battle financial hardships, and so much more. But, there is always hope. 

Janice Huser

About the Author: Janice Huser

Janice Huser has been with the St. Paul Journal since 2006. She is a graduate of the SAIT print media journalism program, is originally from St. Paul and has a passion for photography.
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