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Tellier Guardian Pharmacy Celebrates Local Partnerships and Being a Community Hub

“We have taken this time of adversary to partner with some amazing local businesses,” says Caitlin McGrath, Operator.
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Bonnyville’s Tellier Guardian Pharmacy is a community hub known for providing A-Z facts for Physical and Mental Health, with a range of services, from pharmacy to fax and copy, to money transfers to being a PUDO Point. The location is also home to the beloved 1929 Coffee Bar, serving speciality coffees, frappes, Italian sodas, and more. Now, with COVID-19 keeping people apart, Tellier has found unique ways to keep the community connected.

“We have taken this time of adversary to partner with some amazing local businesses,” says Caitlin McGrath, Operator.

One of the partnerships is with Yum’s the Word, a catering service in Bonnyville known for its dill perogies, beef stroganoff, and other tasty dinner delights. Patrons can pick up safely packaged Yum’s, meals from the 1929 Coffee Bar and enjoy professional cooking (and a night off from making dinner) at home. McGrath notes, “These are healthy comfort food options.”

She continues, “Beyond that we have been fortunate to showcase some very talented vendors. We are exclusively selling Birch + Berry, which is locally made gemstone jewellery. We have also partnered with Studio J. This is a creator of modern farmhouse décor. We have been selling their seasonal decorations in our store.”

That’s not all. Tellier is also proud to partner with Core Juice Co. to showcase their range of grab-and-go cold pressed juices, smoothies, and salads. There are also partnerships with Brielle’s Bow Co. and their adorable elevated hair accessories, and Providence Acres Flower Farm who sells local flowers produced by a local family. Providence also makes décor such as Christmas wreaths.

Recently Tellier has also added Health Refresh, Jennie’s Diner and Nicole’s Macrame to their growing list of local partnerships.

“This is all an effort to support our local community, local talent, and local business and to be a great community hub,” says McGrath.

During the 12 Days of Christmas event, Tellier will routinely post updates about deals, vendors, discount nights, kids’ shopping day, wreath making class with Providence Acres, and all the other fun things to look forward to – including a feature night with a cheese-laden charcuterie  board.

“We love our community and feel so grateful for the connections we have made,” concludes McGrath. We are now approaching 50 years (in 2021) of the store being open. It’s a new age with new operators and a new pandemic, but we will always retain that down-home feel.

In the past, the local pharmacy was the connecting hub in small towns and rural communities. It was where to go to get the medicines you needed, but also for kids to spend their pennies on their favourite candy, to grab a soda with your date, and most importantly, where everyone could connect with friends. Tellier Guardian Pharmacy seeks to be this important hub, especially now that the pandemic is forcing apart the close connections we all need. Rely on Tellier for your health needs, for local goods and services, and as a place where the community can always come together.