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Gold In Boulders Farms welcomes triplets

Triplet calves born on April 20 are doing well.

ST. LINA - Arthur and Carol Gibbs got three for the price of one when they welcomed triplets to their Gold In Boulders Farms on April 20.

They have operated their purebred Charolais business for 40 years northwest of St. Lina selling largely two-year-old bulls to cattle producers throughout the region. And while calving season is always hectic, the arrival of the triplets was some welcomed excitement on the farm. In fact, Arthur said to his knowledge it’s the first set of triplets born on the land homesteaded by his father in 1912.

“I was surprised,” he said, adding he never expected to see it in his herd. The three female calves, which he describes as “livewires” are doing well. Mom, too, seems to be handling things just fine, with another cow supplying milk for one of the calves, while they supplement the other two as required.

“She’s doing amazingly good. Usually when they have twins or triplets, I say they’re gonna because they are usually thin and pokey, but she wasn’t at all,” he said of the mom.  

The farm will produce about 200 calves this year with the calving season getting underway in April and wrapping up this month.