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Kyle and Emily Yaremko sweep St. Paul 4-H Multi Club’s beef show

The St. Paul 4-H Multi Club beef project held its achievement day on June 5.
The beef project with the St. Paul Multi Club held its achievement day on June 5. Pictured are members in their new shirts. / Photo supplied

ST. PAUL – Senior members Kyle and Emily Yaremko hauled home a truck full of awards from St. Paul 4-H Multi Club’s Beef Show on June 5, where Kyle showed both the Grand Champion Steer and the Reserve Supreme Champion Heifer, while Emily showed the Supreme Champion Female, both gathering up an impressive number of wins along the way.

The show started off with Grooming and Showmanship classes for all three age groups.

Grooming winners were: Junior – 1. Kurt Yaremko, 2.Emma Lavoie, 3.Nate Reszel, 4. Tyson Trefanenko, 5, Kale Lavoie; Intermediate – 1. Mercedes Trefanenko, 2. Ethan Yaremko, 3. Taiten Reszel, 4, Christian Lavoie; Senior – 1. Kyle Yaremko, 2. Emily Yaremko, 3. Ashlynn Trefanenko, 4. Courtney Werstiuk. 

Showmanship honors went to: Junior – 1. Kurt Yaremko, 2. Emma Lavoie, 3. Nate Reszel, 4. Tyson Trefanenko, 5. Kale Lavoie; Intermediate – 1.Mercedes Trefanenko, 2. Ethan Yaremko, 3. Taiten Reszel, 4. Christian Lavoie; Senior – 1. Kyle Yaremko, 2. Ashlynn Trefanenko, 3. Emily Yaremko, 4. Courtney Werstiuk.

Next came the Parade of Champions for the steer class, with Kyle Yaremko and Christian Lavoie advancing from Class 1, Kurt Yaremko and Nate Reszel from Class 2 and Taiten Reszel and Ashlynn Trefanenko from Class 3 advancing to the final round, where Kyle Yaremko’s steer was named Grand Champion, while Taiten Reszel’s steer was the Reserve Champion.

Judging, either written or oral, was next on the agenda. In the Junior division, Kurt Yaremko placed first, Emma Lavoie second, Nate Reszel third, Tyson Trefanenko fourth and Kale Lavoie firth. Intermediate winners were Ethan Yaremko, first, Mercedes Trefanenko second, Taiten Reszel, third and Christian Lavoie fourth, while in the Senior group, Kyle Yaremko was first, Ashlynn Trefanenko second, Emily Yaremko third and Courtney Werstiuk fourth.

Three groups of weight class steers were next in the ring.

In the first groups, weighing between 1,141 and 1,202 pounds, Kyle Yaremko placed first, Christian Lavoie second, Emma Lavoie third, Courtney Werstiuk fourth and Emily Yaremko fifth.  The second class, weighing from 1,218 to 1,392 pounds, saw Kurt Yaremko place first, Nate Reszel second, Ethan Yaremko third, and Tyson Trefanenko fourth, while in the third class, 1,305 to 1,389 pounds, Taiten Reszel was first, Ashlynn Trefanenko second, Kale Lavoie third and Mercedes Trefanenko fourth.

The female classes wound up the day, with yearling heifers divided into two classes by date of birth, Emily Yaremko placing first, Kyle Yaremko second and Ethan Yaremko third in the January – February 2020 class and Ashlynn Trefanenko first, Kurt Yaremko second, Mercedes Trefanenko third and Tyson Trefanenko fourth in the March 2020 class. In the final round, Emily Yaremko’s heifer was named Grand Champion and Kyle Yaremko’s the Reserve.

The two also showed two-year-old cows with calves at foot, Kyle taking first place and Emily second, and Kyle showing the only three-year-old cow with calf. The two cow-calf pairs and the Reserve Champion yearling won Kyle the Herd Class award.

With the top animals from all five classes in the ring, Emily Yaremko’s yearling was declared the Supreme Champion Female, while Kyle Yaremko’s two-year-old with calf became the Reserve Supreme Champion.

"I enjoyed watching the excitement that the 4-H members had to be able to show their steers and heifers after missing last year," said leader Heather Tymko.

Judge for the day was Tessa Verbeek, ringman was Heidi Tymko and emcee was Jazlyn Beaudin.

Along with Tymko as this year's leader, assistant leaders Andrew Yaremko, Charlene Trefenanko, and Sheldon Werstiuk also helped out.