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Prices for cattle back on the roller coaster once again

Tizzy the Gelbvieh is a heifer from last year’s calf crop at Dusty Rose Cattle Co. (Darren Dunford) at Dapp, and is being added to the herd for next year.

ALBERTA - Cattle prices shown on the May 5 report indicate a decrease once more - or maybe about the same; it is not real clear.

The April 28 report had shown a range of $264.00 - $267.00 per cwt. The report for this past week says Alberta direct cattle sales Wednesday saw light trade develop with dressed sales marked at $265.00 per cwt delivered. Sales are steady to $2.00 per cwt lower than last week.

All three Western Canadian packers are showing interest on the cash market but competition to own cattle seems to be a little weaker compared to last week. Usually in late April/early May, fed cash sales volumes are rather large but overall sale volumes have been fairly moderate over the past couple of weeks.

Even though fed prices are at annual highs, feedlot margins remain negative. A lot of early placed calves have break evens in the mid 160’s per cwt. On the feeder market, prices for steers and heifers 700 pounds and over were up very slightly, just a dollar per cwt over the previous week.

All the rest of the prices shown were down some from the previous week.

On the cull cattle market, D1 and D2 cows were up a penny, selling at $93.00 - $106.00 per cwt. D3 cows were up another two cents – a total of four cents over the past two weeks, to sell at $80.00 - $92.00 per cwt.

Butcher bulls were up eight cents, regaining just a penny from two weeks ago, and selling May 5 at $1.05 - $122.00 per cwt.

All information sourced from Statistics Canada, Alberta Agriculture and Canfax. Their information is supplied by various auction markets throughout the province, so prices at local markets will vary. Producers are reminded to check with individual markets on current prices and trends. Prices shown in this report include top quality cattle only.

A new look website for Canada Beef

It’s time for a website refresh. Canada Beef’s website is popular with customers and industry members with over 869,000 users a year.

In terms of demographics, the largest age group of users are aged 25 – 34 and users are 57 per cent women and 43 per cent men. This tech-savvy audience is looking for responsive tools, easy-to-find content and engaging visuals.

With this in mind, Canada Beef’s website team embarked on a website redesign.

“It’s been a few years since the last website refresh and redesign in 2016,” notes Michele McAdoo, Executive Director, Communications. “It’s important to keep the website modern, refreshed and inspiring. We update content every month, but website styles are constantly evolving and it was time for a new look.”

The team reviewed many different consumer food and agriculture web sites. This research inspired and helped inform the creative direction, starting with a more modern and refreshed home page.

“The website continues to be one of the most powerful tools in our resource toolbox,” says McAdoo. “Refreshing the look and the content is an important part of engagement with our audience.”